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York County was in the Canadian province of Ontario and was created in 1792. In 1816, Wentworth and Halton Counties were created from York County and in 1851, Ontario and Peel Couties were separated. In 1953, Metropolitan Toronto seceded. In 1971, the remaining portion of York County became the York Regional Municipality.

Elizabeth Sheppard Thomas Musson was born in 1833 at sea on the brig Tobago between England and Canada. Her parents were John Morgan Thomas and Mary Lewis.

She married merchant Thomas Henry Musson. Thomas was born on January 18, 1832 in Ontario and was the son of Edward Musson and Ann Smart. Edward was mayor of Etobicoke from 1858 to 1864. 

They lived in Etobicoke, Ontario and all of their children were born there.  At that time it was in York County.

Celia Mary Ann M. Musson was born November 30, 1856 and died on October 19, 1927.

Susanna (Susan) Emily Elizabeth Musson Bell was born on March 2, 1858. She married James Bell on October 7, 1884 at St. George on the Hill. James Bell lived next door to Eliza Treahy in 1881.

Amelia Sophia Lillias Musson was born on November 8, 1859. Francis Elizabeth Jane Goodman Musson was born on December 14, 1861. She died on August 1, 1939.  

Edward (Ned) John Fredrick Thomas Musson was born on July 2, 1863.  He died on June 2, 1898. Thomas William Wood Musson was born on December 28, 1866. He married Lucy Annie Mingay. He died on January 5, 1937.

Charles Joseph Learmouth Musson was born on September 15, 1839. He married Jenny Bird Williams. He died on April 14, 1947. 

John Gemmel Musson was born on March 27, 1872. He died on July 14, 1946. 

Harry Sheppard Musson was born on August 7, 1874. He married Gertrude Dudley. He died on August 18, 1960 in Louisville, Kentucky. John, Amelia, Mary, Celia and Francis did not marry and lived together.

Most of the family is buried together in St. George's Church on the Hill Cemetery in Islington Village, Etobicoke. The monument is shaped like a cross. On the cross it says "Jesus Only." On the base is inscribed "Look for the Resurrection of the dead." The names on the footstones are Edward, Father, Mother, Minnie, James Bell, Eliza Treahy, Mary, Susan, Celia, and Frances. 

Children of John Morgan Thomas
and Mary Lewis
  • Charles Lewis Thomas
  • Thomas Lewis Thomas
  • Elizabeth Sheppard Thomas Musson
  • Susannah Matilda Thomas
  • Eliza Mary Thomas Treahy
  • Jane Eliza (Jennie) Thomas Belford
  • Francis John Thomas
  • Mary Sophia Thomas
  • Celia Ann Thomas Brodie
  • Mary Sophia Thomas
  • John Joseph Thomas
  • Edward George Thomas
  • The first European settlements in Ontario were after the American Revolution when 5,000 loyalists left the new United States.






    History of Toronto and County of York, Ontario, Charles Pelham Mulvany, Graeme Mercer Adam, Christopher Blackett Robinson

    Edward Musson, was born in London, England, and emigrated to Canada in 1820. He bought up land in the Township of Etobicoke near Weston, where he and his brother Thomas, engaged in farming, saw-mill and distillery business. In 1840 he removed to Islington and carried on farming, saw-milling and storekeeping, he creditably filled the offices of Township Clerk, Councillor and Reeve; he died in 1871. His wife was Ann, daughter of John Smart, whom he married in 1831, and by whom he had eight children.


    The city of York was incorporated as Toronto on March 6, 1834. The city grew and developed significantly during the the 19th century. The Irish famine brought a large number of Irish immigrants to the city and they became the largest ethnic group.

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    Toronto 1856

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