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Josiah Yerkes

Yerkes has also been spelled Gerkes, Gerckes, Jerghes, Jerghjes, Jurckes,Yercas, Yercks, Yerkhas, Yerkas, Yerkiss, Yerks, and Yerkus

The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia borders Maryland and Virginia. The first European settlers started arriving about 1730.

Indiana became a state in 1819. The north was settled by people from New England and New York, the center by people from the Mid-Atlantic states and Ohio, and the south by people from Southern states, particularly Kentucky and Tennessee.

Josiah Yerkes was born in 1777 in Berkeley County, Virginia which is now Jefferson County, West Virginia. He was the son of Joshua Yerkes.

He married Sarah Lupton in 1805 in Jefferson County, Virginia. Their children and life together are described in detail in the section on Josiah and Sarah Yerkes.

He became a widower in 1841.

He died July 4, 1852 in Carroll County, Indiana and is buried in Paint Creek Cemetery near Camden, Indiana.

Children of Joshua Yerkes
  • Joshua Yerkes, Jr.
  • Margaret Yerkes Blue (Peggy)
  • Josiah Yerkes
  • Mary Yerkes Conklin
  • Rachel Yerkes Irvin
  • Priscilla Yerkes Wood
  • Children of Josiah Yerkes
    and Sarah Lupton

    Eliza Yerkes Fox
    William B. Yerkes
    Mary B. Yerkes
    Josiah Yerkes, Jr.  
    Sarah Ann Yerkes Hinkle 
    Catherine Yerkes Cline
    David Henry Yerkes
    Rebecca Yerkes Lenon 
    Henry Clay Yerkes

    West Virginia is located in the Appalachians and was originally part of Virginia. The capital and largest city is Charleston. It became a state during the Civil War and was admitted to the Union on June 20, 1863.




    Most Americans were farmers in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

    I Josiah Yerkes Sr of Carroll County in the State of Indiana do make this last will and testament. First, I direct that my funeral expenses be paid as soon after my decease as possible out of my property, and the ballance [sic] to be divided equally among my several children or their heirs. 

    I, also give to my son, Henry, the home place consisting of forty acres with the improvement thereon. I also give to my daughters or their heirs to be equally divided at my death forty acres of unimproved land.

    In witness whereof I Josiah Yerkes Sr testator have hereunto set my hand and seal this sixteenth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty seven.

    Josiah Yerkes Sr

    Signed sealed published and declared by the above named Josiah Yerkes last will and testament in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribe names as witnesses, thereunto in the presence of the said testator, and in the presence of each other.
    Jacob Slusser
    Samuel Coder


    Personally appeared before me the undersigned the Clerk in the County Carroll Court of Common Peas or Carroll County in the State of Indiana, Samuel Coder one of the subscribing witnesses of the last will and testament of Josiah Yerkes, Sr, who being by me duly sworn upon his oath saith that he saw the said Josiah Yerkes, Sr execute the foregoing as his last will and testament

    - that this deponent signed the names of said deponent to said will at the request of the said decedent

    - that said Josiah Yerkes, Sr was at the time of the expression of said will of sound mind and memory

    - that this deponent said Jacob Slusser signed names thereto as witnesses in the presence of said testator at his request, that the said Josiah Yerkes Sen was at the time of the expresson on said will of full age to divide property and not under coercion or restraint.

    Said Yerkes died about the 4th day of July 1852. When said will was expressed said yerkes was in perfect sense.  I signed my name as witness of said yerkes and at his request and in the presence of Jacob Slusser, the other witness.  When said will was expressed said yerkes was full age to divide property and not under coercion or restraint.


    DNA match with other descendant in this line.
    William Walton
    Thomas Walton
    Caleb Walton
    Mary Walton Yerkes
    Josiah Yerkes
    Joshua Yerkes
    Josiah Yerkes
    Eliza Yerkes Fox

    John Newton Fox
    Eliza Fox Smith
    John Elmer Smith
    Virginia Smith Miller

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    Colonial New England
    Colonial Virginia & West Virginia
    Quakers & Mennonites
    New Jersey Baptists
    German Lutherans
    Watauga Settlement
    Pennsylvania Pioneers
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