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Rebecca Yerkes Lenon

Yerkes has also been spelled Gerkes, Gerckes, Jerghes, Jerghjes, Jurckes,Yercas, Yercks, Yerkhas, Yerkas, Yerkiss, Yerks, and Yerkus
Berkeley County, Virginia was created from the northern third of Frederick County, Virginia in 1772. Jefferson County was formed from the county's eastern section. In 1863 Berkeley County became part of the new state of West Virginia.

Rebecca Yerkes Lenon was born on July 10, 1823 in Jefferson County, West Virginia. Her parents were Josiah Yerkes and Sarah Lupton.

She married John D. Lenon on November 3, 1841 in Carroll County, Indiana. John was born on August 1, 1821 in Pennsylvania. He was the son of John Lenon and Elizabeth Fox. 

Rebecca and John's children included:
William H. Lenon (1844, married Polly Harter),
Margaret A. Lenon McCain (1851, married James Voorhis McCain), and
Martha Minerva Lenon Roblyer (1856, married Francis (Frank) M. Roblyer). 

They remained in Carroll County during the Civil War. The household appeared there in the 1870 census. They were living in Deer Creek Township. The household consisted of Clara Varnes age 18, John Lenon age 48 who was a farmer, Rebecca Lennon age 46, Margaret Lennon age 19, Martha Lenon age 14, and David Yerkes age 49.

John died on July 24, 1905. Rebecca died on August 27, 1907.  They are buried in Paint Creek Cemetery.

The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia borders Maryland and Virginia. The first European settlers started arriving about 1730.


Children of Josiah Yerkes
and Sarah Lupton

Eliza Yerkes Fox
William B. Yerkes
Mary B. Yerkes
Josiah Yerkes, Jr.  
Sarah Ann Yerkes Hinkle 
Catherine Yerkes Cline
David Henry Yerkes
Rebecca Yerkes Lenon 
Henry Clay Yerkes

Indiana became a state in 1819. The north was settled by people from New England and New York, the center by people from the Mid-Atlantic states and Ohio, and the south by people from Southern states, particularly Kentucky and Tennessee.



In the Civil War (1861 to 1865) eleven Southern states seceded from the U.S. and formed the Confederate States of America.

History of Carroll County, Indiana, 1916 B. F. Bowne & Co, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana

John Lenon, Sr., with his wife and thirteen children, came from Ohio to Carroll county, Indiana, in October, 1829, and located on a farm east of Camden. John Lenon, Sr., died on November 30, 1843, leaving his wife and the following named children surviving:

James B.,
David H.,
George W.,
Robert S.,
Levi and

Henry Lenon died in boyhood, December 5, 1845.

Elizabeth, wife of John Lenon, Sr., died on September 30, 1848. Anna (Lenon) Shanks and James R. Lenon died since the year 1848. Susan, wife of James Cline, died since the year 1854. Lewis Lenon died on August 4, 1888. John Lenon, Jr., died on July 24, 1905. Levi Lenon died,on January 24, 1913. Robert S. Lenon died on December 18, 1911. Elizabeth, wife of John Martin, died in Nebraska in 1911. George W. Lenon died on August 3 1900. Louisa Lenon died since 1857. Samuel Lenon is the only surviving member of the family and is now in his eighty-seventh year.

West Virginia is located in the Appalachians and was originally part of Virginia. The capital and largest city is Charleston. It became a state during the Civil War and was admitted to the Union on June 20, 1863.


Paint Creek Church, in Jackson township, was organized on February 18, 1832, by members dismissed for that purpose from Deer Creek Church in Putnam County, viz., William Nance, Sarah Nance, John Lenon, Elizabeth Lenon, Rachel Armstrong, John Shanks, Elizabeth Shanks, Levi Cline, Elizabeth Cline, Peter Duncan, and Rebecca Duncan.

The presbytery was composed of Elder James Buckles from Big Shawnee Church, and Elders John Knight and Lewis Johnson of Deer Creek Church, with Brother Levi Cline serving as clerk.

The first pastor was Elder John Shanks. The last pastor was Elder Gordon L. Watson.

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