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Caleb Walton

Manor of Moreland (now Upper Moreland Township),
Philadelphia County (now Montgomery) County, Pennsylvania
Byberry is a township in the northeast corner of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. The Walton brothers were early settlers. Moreland Township was just west of Byberry. When Montgomery County broke off in 1784, Moreland was divided into two townships, both called Moreland. In 1917 the Montgomery County Moreland split into Upper Moreland Township and Lower Moreland Township.

Caleb Walton was born about 1695 in the Manor of Moreland. His parents were most likely Thomas Walton and Priscilla Hunn.

Thomas Walton, the elder, conveyed 69 acres to his son, Caleb, on February 22, 1719. The land was adjacent to the Horsham-Byberry Road and was from the original patent of Thomas Walton, the elder.

On August 15, 1719 Caleb witnessed the marriage of Joseph Burson and Rachel Potts and on September 2, 1724 he witnessed the marriage of Benjamin Walton and Rebecca Hummer.

He married about 1720, but his wife’s name is not known.

Caleb Walton's children were also born in the Manor of Moreland. Nathaniel Walton was born about 1722. Henry Walton was born about  1725. Mary Walton Yerkes was born about 1728. Rebecca Walton Randall was born about 1730. Ann Walton Boutcher was born about 1733. Priscilla Walton was born about 1735. 

He appeared in the 1734 Land Holders List of Moreland Manor as a tenant. He sold his 69 acres to his brother Thomas on September 4, 1740.

Mary married in 1747. Rebecca married in 1757 at Swedes' Church in Philadelphia. Ann married in 1758 at Christ Church in Philadelphia.

The Manor of Moreland was composed of a tract of ten thousand acres, and was created, in 1682, by a grant from William Penn to Dr. Nicholas More. Most of the Manor was in Philadelphia County, but is now Moreland Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

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William Walton
Thomas Walton
Caleb Walton
Mary Walton Yerkes
Josiah Yerkes
Joshua Yerkes
Josiah Yerkes
Eliza Yerkes Fox

John Newton Fox
Eliza Fox Smith
John Elmer Smith
Virginia Smith Miller

A land patent is an exclusive land grant made by the government. The certificate that grants the land rights is also called first-title deed and final certificate. In the United States, all land can be traced back to the original land patent.

Children of Thomas Walton
and Priscilla Hunn
  • Thomas Walton, Jr.
  • Caleb Walton
  • John Walton
  • Joseph Walton
  • James Walton
  • Mary Walton
  • David Walton
  • Christ Church in Philadelphia was founded in 1695 as a condition of William Penn’s Charter. The current building dates to 1744.
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