An American Family History

Elizabeth Richards Kent

Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts was first settled by English Puritans in 1629 and was first incorporated in 1631 as Saugus.

Elizabeth Richards Kemt was born on October 15, 1683. in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts. Her parents were John Richards and Mary Brewer.

In 1713, she received £10 from her father’s will.

Essex Institute Historical Collections show she and Henry Kent of Marblehead recorded their intention to marry on November 19, 1715 in Lynn.

There was a Henry Kent in 1685 in Newberry, but I have not been able to find records on any Henry Kent in Essex County at that time.

Children of John Richards
and Mary Brewer
  • Mary Richards Darling Shaw
  • Captain John Richards
  • Edward Richards
  • Crispus Richards
  • Elizabeth Richards Kent
  • Joseph Richards
  • William Richards
  • Abigail Richards Collins