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Charles County is in south central Maryland and was created in 1658. The first settlers were mainly English tobacco planters, their indentured servants and enslaved people. Many of of the settlers were Roman Catholic. The county, as originally laid out, also included parts of present day Calvert, Prince George's and St. Mary's Counties.

Prince George's County, Maryland was created in 1696 from portions of Charles, and Calvert Counties. It was divided into six districts called hundreds: Mattapany, Patuxant, Collington, Mount Calvert, Piscattoway, and New Scotland. A part the county became Frederick County in 1748.
Piccowaxen Parish, Maryland was on Cobb Neck between the Wicomico and Potomac Rivers. It has been spelled as Pickawaxon, Pickiawaxen, Pickwaten, Pickwixon, Pykawaxen in Douglas family records. Christ Church Wayside was built there in 1692.The parish became William and Mary Parish.
Plantation County Acres Location Remarks
Abington (Abbington) Anne Arundel 200

at the head of South River



laid out for John Dearing

surveyed in 1663 byJohn Gaither and Robert Proctor

In 1690 John Browne sold to James Finley and John Gaither

In 1700 William Ridgely bought part fromJames Finley

Adventure Anne Arundel 50 north side of South River 1691 Henry Ridgely, Jr. bought from John Hammond, Sr.
Asher Charles 450 east side Piccowaxen Creek Charles Brandt inherited 450 acres in 1698
Attwicke's Purchase (was called Smoothly Charles 400 west side the Wicomico granted to William Smoot in 1647.
In 1652, he assigned part to Humphrey Atwickes and part to Richard Smoot.
Banks (Banker's) Venture in Frederick, later Montgomery 46 on the branches of Rock Creek
Upper Newfoundland and Seneca Hundred
1756 John Banks sold to Benjamin Ricketts


was My Lord's Island

then "Mason's Island"

  88 in the Potomac River, now Theodore Roosevelt Island

1632 granted to Lord Baltimore

1681 acquired by Charles Brandt

inherited by Brand's daughter, Magaret

1717 purchased by George Mason

Bare Neck Anne Arundel 290 south of Magaty R.
part of on the north side of Beards Creek.

1680 225 acres granted to Francis Mead

1687 patent by Richard Beard

Barnes Purchase Charles 400   In 1726 Matthew Barnes had St. Thomas resurveyed
Beach Neck or Beech Neck
later Locust Grove
Charles 1,000 on the East side of the main fresh of Port Tobacco Creek

1663 surveyed for William Heard

500 acres Philip Lynes
500 acres Notley Rozer

Beall's Gift        
Beard's Dock   250 on South River in Middle Neck Hundred surveyed for Richard Beard in 1650
Beard's Habitation     South River Hundred-on "Beard's Creek," near the site of Londontown Richard Beard sold to William Burgess
Bednall's Green Anne Arundel     owned by William Burgess
Belleconnell     on Elk River owned by Ann Lynes
Benjamin's Addition       owned by William Burgess
Benjamin's Choice       owned by William Burgess
Benjamin's Discovery Anne Arundel      
Bessington       owned by William Burgess
Betty's Choice Baltimore     owned by William Burgess

Betty's Delight

or Betties Dellight

named for Elizabeth Theobald Corker

Charles   at the head of Portobacco Creek

1675 Clement Theobald sold 100 acres called Lemaster Beginnings to Thomas Corker

owned by Robert Hanson

Blythswood Manor Charles 100 on north side of the Potomac River in the Piccowaxon area surveyed on May 10, 1667 for John Douglas. Inherited by his son, Robert Douglas then by Benjamin Douglas, then his son, John Douglas who sold it in 1769.
Bonner's Camp Harford was Baltimore 1,000   1685 patent to Henry Bonner
Bonner's Interest Harford was Baltimore 500   1685 patent to Henry Bonner
Bonner's Purchase Harford was Baltimore 500   1686 patent to Henry Bonner
Bonner's Retirement Charles 200   1678 patent to Henry Bonner
Bowdell's Choice Calvert 275 western shore of the Patuxent River 1683 purchased by Mareen Duvall
Bowles (Bowls, Bowlesley) Charles 208 on Potomac River near Pickawaxon Creek Surveyed in 1652 for Mathias and John Bowles
Sarah Bonner inherited it from
William Bowles who had inherited it from his father
Edward Bowles. Sarah left it to her son,
Joseph Douglas
resurveyed for Ralph Smith in 1680
Bowles Chance or Manering   500 near Cedar point

surveyed in 1649 for George Manners, resurveyed into Bowles Purchase

invested in Robert Douglass

Brampton Anne Arunde 100   Surveyed Richard Beard in 1659
Brathwood Charles 800   1649 patent by John Compton and Robert Page
Broome Anne Arundel 200 on west side of Broad Creek

surveyed for Richard Beard in 1659

owned by Henry Ridgely and given to his son.

Brown's Adventure Baltimore     owned by Aaron Rawlings
Burgess Choice       400 acres surveyed in 1665 for William Burgess
resurveyed for Benjamin Burgess at 747 acres.
223 acres John Duvall for Hester Iiams;
25 acres Joseph Burton;
25 acres John Jacob;
67 acres Richard Iiams;
300 acres Richard Snowden; 143 acres Lewis Duvall;
67 acres Charles Cheney;
97 acres over survey.
Causin's Manor also known as Causin's Manor or Mount Air Charles 1,000 in Port Tobacco Lower Hundred granted to Nicholas Causine
Owned by Benjamin Douglas
Chaptico Manor St. Mary's 6,110 head of the Wicocomico River

 1671 propriety manor
20,000 acres

owned by Philip Briscoe

Cheney's Delight Prince George's now Washington     November 21, 1738, Charles Cheney granted a warrant for 100 acres
Cheney's Hazard Anne Arundel 100 South River Hundred Granted to Richard Cheney on the May 30, 1663, 100 acres
Cheney's Hill Anne Arundel      
Cheney's Neck Anne Arundel 110 South River Hundred 1643 patent by Richard Cheney
Cheney's Purchase Anne Arundel 100 South River Hundred  
Cheney's Resolution Anne Arundel 400 South River Hundred 1675 gift to William and Elizabeth Ijams from her father Richard Cheney
Cheney's Rest   200 South River Hundred  
Clark's Luck       In 1687 Neal Clark sold to William Griffith
Clarke's Inheritance (also known as Crouche's Gift)     north side of the Main Fresh Run surveyed in 1663 for Robert Clarke
part owned by Neal Clark who left it to his son, Richard
Clarke's Purchase Charles   on the north side of the Main Fresh run In 1681 Lord Baltimore granted to John Clarke
George Dent bought 500
1699 William Harbart bought 100 acres from the Clarke family
Ann Harbart Dent inherited part
Cold Spring Manor Prince George's 1,050 on the west side of the Patuxent River in Mt. Calvert Hundred (now part of Patuxent Hundred)

John Douglas bought it on May 10, 1677 from Josias Fendall for 22,000 pounds of tobacco.

500 acres were inherited by his John's son John Douglas who left it to his son, Benjamin Douglas who sold part in 1705. The residue was inherited by John's younger sons, Joseph Douglas and Charles Douglas

Cornelius his Swamp St. Mary's 100 on a a branch of St. Jerome's Creek 1668 Mark Pheypo to Jeremiah Harrington.
Cotton       owned by Henry Ridgely
Crocker's Hog Hole
Corker's Hogghole
Charles 100

in the woods on the West side Port Tobacco Creek


Surveyed in 1670 for Thomas Corker
1673 bought by Clement Theobald
In 1674 Clement Theobald to Philip Lynes
owned by Robert Hanson
Darnan's Groves Prince George     owned by Aaron Rawlings
Deviding Branch Calvert 360   1665 patent by William Harbart
Douglas Adventure   100   purchased in 1667 by John Douglas
Douglas Delight, later called Bailey's Fancy   4   surveyed on July 16, 1679 for John Douglas
Douglas' Claim   514   originally Bowles land
Durham Charles 160 on the west side of Portobacco Creek 1673 Clement Theobald sold to Thomas Corker
Duvall's Delight   3,108   resurveyed in 1704 for John Duvall at 1,000 acres
Duvall's Range   708 in the forks of Patuxent River owned by Mareen Duvall
surveyed in 1694 for John Duvall
Essington       bought by Mareen Duvall
Fortaine Anne Arundel 148   1696 patentby Richard Beard
Freeman's Land: Freeman's Fancy
Freeman's Stone Freeman's Landing
    South River Hundred

laid out for Mr. Chapman

1690 John Browne sold John Gaither land from Freeman's Fancy

Robert and Elizabeth (widow of John Freeman) Proctor sold to George Puddington and later bought by John Gaither

Friendship Charles 2,000   surveyed in 1672 for Bennett Hoskins
954 acres owned by Thomas Dent
Gibson's Close Charles   Pykawaxon at a pock hickory at the head of Bowles branch SE by the back creek

Surveyed in 1669 for Thomas Gibson

In 1694 Henry Gifford bought from Thomas Gibson.
Gibson's Neck Charles 20 in Smoote's Creek Pykawaxon surveyed in 1667 for Thomas Gibson
owned by Henry Gifford
Gibson's Pound Charles 42   surveyed in 1684 for Thomas Gibson
owned by Henry Gifford
Granby Frederick then Montgomery 300 Seneca Hundred patented by William Dent in 1762-sold to Ambrose Cooke in 1772
15 acres owned by Benjamin Ricketts
Great Bonnerton Anne Arundel 100 West River surveyed in, 1659, for James Bonner, later owned by William Cole.
Great Marsh     South River Hundred held by Mareen Duvall
Green Marsh     on the south side of a long marsh that "falleth" into the west fork of Rock Creek

owned by John Banks

78 acres- 1750 patented by Benjamin Ricketts

Greenweigh Charles 200 on the Potomac Charles Brandt inherited half in 1698
Grubby Thicket Montgomery 333    
Hammersmith   200 on the Potomac owned by Charles Brandt
Hanson's Advice Charles 62   In 1741 surveyed for Matthew Barnes
Hansonton   600   1726 surveyed for Robert Hanson
Hard Travel
Calvert 300   1668 patent by Valentine Hudlestone, and William Herbert
Harris or Harrisons Island   300 in Piccowaxen Hundred Thomas Harris patent 1651
Heard's Choice and Ossly St. Mary's 330   granted to John Heard
Hickory Ridge   618   patented in 1723 by Neal Clark
His Excellency's Gift Charles 150 on the west side of Portobacco Creek 1674 Thomas Corker bought from Edmund Lyndsey
Hitchin Charles 100 on the south side of the main swamp that falls in the Pile's Fresh

patented by John Heard and sold to Giles Willson; from him to Thomas Davis

owned by Philip Briscoe

Hogg Neck       owned by Henry Ridgely
Honest Man's Lott   110 ½ on the North Branch at the head of South River surveyed in 1704 for John Duvall

Howerton's Range

originally in Calvert 400 along the Patuxtent River

1670 John Howerton

bought by Mareen Duvall

Huckleberry Forrest Anne Arundel 1,611 by Wolf Pitt Branch

1687 patent by Richard Beard

inherited by Richard, Jr.

Huntington Quarter

Anne Arundel     in 1700 inherited from Henry Ridgely
Indian Range Anne Arundel     Richard Beard left it to his daughter Rebecca Nicholson in 1675. Charles Cheney (husband of Rachel Nicholson) left it to his children in 1744.
John's Cabin Ridge Anne Arundel 30 on North side of Flat Creek 1666 - Granted to Richard Beard
1668 - Sold to James Sanders
1705 - Part inherited by Mary Jones Beddenfield
1715 - Part mortgaged by William Jones, Jr. and James Sanders to James Carroll, who sold the mortgage to Charles Cheney.
1740 - Inherited by Elizabeth Beddenfield Ricketts
Johnson's Towne Charles 750 on the north side of the Potomac Patent to Daniel Johnson and Richard Morris
Kerrigderry Charles 100  

Surveyed 7 May 1672 for Owen Jones
owned by Matthew Barnes

Larkin's Choice   311   owned by Mareen Duvall
Larkin's Folly       owned by Henry Ridgely
Love's Enjoyment Charles and St. Mary's 311 west side of Patuxent River

patent 1695 Thomas Love

owned by Philip Briscoe and left to son Edward who left it to son Robert

1760 149 a. sold by Robert Briscoe

Lugg Ox   780

in the forks of the Patuxent.

bought by John Duvall in 1702, wedding gift to Elizabeth Duvall Warfield
Magruder's Purchase (Friendship) and Addition to Magruder's Purchase     lying between the falls of the Potomac and Rock Creek

1715 Ninian Magruderbought from Charles Beall and Thomas Fletcher

Maiden Point Charles 38   1723 surveyed for Joseph Douglas
Major's Choice Anne Arundel    



Major's Choice was Baltimore now Harford  
on Bynum Run near Bel Air
at the Land of Nodd
west of Waterloo, and north of the Old Brick Church
Thomas Ricketts sold 35 acres in 1732
Major's Lot Prince George's     1717 John Pottinger sold to Thomas Ricketts
Mary's Delight       owned by Henry Ridgely
Mates Dale Charles 100 on the west side of Wicokomeco River 1663 patent to Daniel Johnson and Richard Morris
Meriton's (Merriton's, Meryton's) Fancy Anne Arundel     owned by John Stimpson
Middle Plantation     South River Hundred surveyed in 1664 for Mareen Duvall
Moore Towne Charles 200   Patent by Daniell Johnson and Richard Morris
Morley's Grove     South River Hundred

held by Joseph Morley
bought by Mareen Duvall

1674 bought by William Burgess from Morley estate

Morley's Lot or

Moorelys Lott

Anne Arundel 300  

granted to Joseph Morley

owned by Mareen Duvall

1674 bought by William Burgess from Morley estate

Morris His Hope Charles 75 in the Manor of Chaptico 1668 patent to Richard Morris
Morris's Venture       owned by Philip Briscoe
My Quarter Plantation Anne Arundel     in 1700 inherited from Henry Ridgely
Neal's Delight Anne Arundel   on the north side of the Patuxent River above Patuxent Falls In 1705 Neal Clark sold part to John Mobberly, Sr., who changed the name to Mobberly's Purchase.
Needwood Frederick then Montgomery 1,000  

patented by John Cook in 1760

19 acres owned by Benjamin Ricketts

None Such Charles 50   1670 land patent to Henry Bonner

Oneals Desert
Oneals Desart

St. Mary's later Charles 700   owned by Hugh Neale
Out Quarter   990 on the drafts of Deer Creek surveyed in 1701 for John Duvall
Partner's Purchase part of Nevil's Desire Charles 329 on Potomac River owned by John Howard
Pheypoes Fort   100 in St. Michaels Hundred 1658 patent by Mark Pheypo
Pickawaxen Charles 67 in William and Mary Parish near Pickuwaxen Church on the north of the Run granted  to Richard Smith in 1658
Planter's Delight Charles 100
on the west side of Portobacco Creek
1673 Clement Theobald bought from Thomas Corker
Pleasant Grove Prince George's 1,632   In 1723/4, Rev. Jacob Henderson transferred it to Mareen Duvall, Jr.
Plumme Point     on St. George's River 1650 warrant for 100 acres to Philip Land
Poole   130   bought by John Heard in 1696 from Thomas Salmon
Poplar Neck     south side of South River originally was a part of William Burgess land, owned by Richard Beard
Pound Anne Arundel 68   1687 patentby Richard Beard
Proctor's Landing     Annapolis Robert Proctor filed patents in 1673 and 1680
Puddington's Gift Anne Arundel    

owned by George Puddington

inherited by Edward Burgess

Puddington's Harbor Anne Arundel 700 South River Hundred

1663 grant to George Puddington

inherited by Edward Burgess

Rattlesnake Den Baltimore then Montgomery   Seneca Hundred 1744 James Norris 60 acres/1761 97.5 acres
Rich Neck or Richneck   200 on the eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay

1651 patent to Philip Land

1665 patent to Mareen Duvall and William Young

Rickett's Folly Baltimore then Montgomery 52 Seneca Hundred owned by Benjamin Ricketts
Ridgely's Beginning Anne Arundel   north side of South River

surveyed in 1697
1710, William Ridgely sold 40 acres to Amos Garrett

Ridgely's Chance Anne Arundel 305    
Ridgely's Lot Anne Arundel     in 1700 inherited from Henry Ridgely
Ridley [Ridgely] and Taylor's Chance Prince George's County    

Thomas Ricketts bought 300 acres from Henry Ridgley in 1702

Riley's (Ryley's) Discovery Prince George's 1,000 lying in the freshes near the Patuxent River surveyed for Hugh Ryley, he sold part to Thomas Ricketts (called Pottinger's)
Addition to Robertus
Charles 400 south side of Wheelers Branch
1746 deed recorded for Matthew Barnes
Round Marsh     on the north side of Thompsons Spring Branch, which branch falls into Rock Creek  
Scott Charles 200 on the West side of Wicomico river

surveyed in 1658 for William Smoote

owned by Joseph Douglass

Simpson's Delight
(Sympson's Delight)
Charles 227 in the woods on the West side of Port Tobacco Creek at the head of the Creek

1663 surveyed for Alexander Simpson in

1673 Clement Theobald bought Jacob Leah

in 1674 CT sold to Thomas Witter

1746 Robert Hanson sold to Matthew Barnes

Smith's Adventure Prince George's   on Oxen Run

taken up by Ralph Smith in 1686

bought by Joseph Douglas in 1723

Smith's Fortune   25  

surveyed for Ralph Smith in 1680

owned by William Harbart

Smoot   300 anear the mouth of Herring Creek granted to William Smoot in 1647
Snowden's Third Addition       Richard Snowden
St. Edmonds Charles 100 lying on the east side of the main fresh of Portobacco Creek surveyed for Edmund Lindsey in 1670
bought by John Douglas in 1672
St. Thomas   400   Surveyed in 1661 for James Lindsey
owned by Matthew Barnes
Stinson's Choice       owned by John Stimpson
The Expectation Charles 500   owned by Charles Brandt
The Hills (Smootwood) Charles 240

Pickawaxon Hundred, on the west side of the Wicomico River.

patented in 1658 by William Smoot.
William assigned part to William Barton. 190 acres being later held by Walter Hanson and 50 acres by Notley Maddox.

left by Sarah Bonner Douglas to her children

The Plains Calvert     owned by Mareen Duvall
Thompson's Delight Charles 120 on the South side of Bernard's Creek Surveyed in 1688 for William Thompson
Three Brothers Charles     owned by John Howard
Vennell's Inheritance   50  

granted to John Vennell

1710, William and Elizabeth Ridgely sold 50 acres to Amos Garrett

Waldridge   600   owned by Henry Ridgely
Warfield's Range Anne Arundel 1,080-1,862   surveyed 1694, for Richard and John Warfield
Warren's Ridge Anne Arundel     in 1700 inherited from Henry Ridgely
Wathen's Adventure Charles     part owned by John Douglas
West Puddington Anne Arundel   South River Hundred

surveyed for George Puddington

inherited by Edward Burgess

Richard Beard sold to William Burgess

What You Will   373 about the head of South River surveyed in 1799 for John Duvall
Wheeler's Delight        

Wheeler's Lot
Anne Arundel 150   owner Richard Beard
Wheeler's Purchase Prince George's formerly Charles   at the east side of the Piscataway surveyed by John Wheeler
Wilson's Grove Anne Arundel 200 between the heads of South and Severn Rivers surveyed in 1671 for Robert Wilson
given to Elizabeth Jones and John Duvall by her father , William Jones
Wincopin Neck     in the forks of Savage and Middle River surveyed for Benjamin and Richard Warfield
Yates Inheritance Anne Arundel County 170   Between 1692 and 1699 Gilbert and Ann Pattison sold

As of 1692, Charles County, Maryland was divided into 4 parishes (7 hundreds): the lower and upper part of William & Mary Parish hundreds, the east and west side of Port Tobacco hundreds, lower and upper part of Nanjemy (later Durham) Parish hundreds, and the upper part of King & Queen Parish hundred.

Anne Arundel County, Maryland was established in 1650.

Baltimore County, Maryland was founded in 1659 and included most of northeastern Maryland. The original county included parts of Cecil, Frederick, Harford, Carroll, and Baltimore Counties.





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