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The Rawlings (Rawlins) Family


Aaron Rawlings was born about 1667 in Anne Arundel, Maryland.

He married Susannah Jones. She was the daughter of Dr. William Jones. Dr. Jones often confused with the two other William Joneses.

Their son, Aaron Rawlings married Susannah Beard (daughter of Stephen).

Anne Arundel County, Maryland was established in 1650.



Maryland Assembly Proceedings, April, 1707 - Aaron Rawlings of Anne Arundel Co., Planter, called before the Board, Acknowledged that he ordered his man and boy to go with his teame and assist Richard Clark's wife with her goods downe to the Landing which he says he did in his ignorance being told by her boy the Sloop had entered Annapolis and would clear there againe. His Excellency ask him if he did not know that Richard Clark was Outlawed. He said Yes, but did not intend to assist him, for the woman said she would pay him for the use of his teame.

His Excellency tells him he knew better. After which his Excellency and the Board ordered the said Rawlings should give very good security in 500 sterling to appear before the Councill at any time within two munths when called upon.


from The Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, Maryland by Joshua Dorsey Warfield

Aaron Rawlings, of Anne Arundel County, in 1741, named his wife, Susannah, and sons, Jonathan, Aaron, William and Stephen. The last two inherited Darnan's Groves in Prince George County. "My lands in Baltimore County, called Brown's Adventure" to sons and daughter Ann. Aaron to hold the homestead.

This testator's wife was Susannah Beard, the daughter of Stephen. Her will closes the Rawlings previous to the Revolution. In 1762, she named her sons, Aaron, Moses, Richard, daughter Mary, and four married daughters, Ann, Susannah, Rachel and Elizabeth. Her son, Aaron, and son-in-law, Gassaway Watkins, executors.


The Society of Friends (Quakers) began in England in the 1650s, when they broke away from the Puritans. Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, as a safe place for Friends to live and practice their faith.

The Affirmation of Susanna [Jones] Rawlings of Ann Arundel County widow taken at the house of Aaron Rawlings in the Afsd. County on Saturday the Sixth Day of Jly 1745 pursuant to the Adjournment of the Commissioners before mentioned.

Susanna Rawlings of Ann Arundel County Widow aged Sixty eighth years or thereabouts, [born about 1677] being one of the People called Quakers, a Witness produced and examined ?? in behalf of the Complt. affirmeth and declareth as followeth,

Item 1. To the first Intorrogatory this Affirmant solomnly [m?-es] & affirms, That She has known the Complt. Six or Seven years, and the Defendent from his childhood.

Item 2. To the second Interrog this affirmant saith That she hath heard of Richard Beard the Defendant’s Great Grandfather, but never knew him, and do not know when he died.

Item 3. To the third Interog this Affirmant Saith, That William Jones of Ann Arundel County surgeon was her Father, at whose Death she has been informed that she was one year and half old. That she hath been often informed by a certain Rebecca Nicholson deceased, who was Daughter of the Af.d. Richard Beard Afsd. Great Grandfather, that her this affirmant’s Aforesaid Father William Jones died first.

Item 5. [sic] To the fifth Interrogatory this Affirmant Saith, That her Father left a son who died as she believes when he was about eight or nine years old, altho her Sister Mary who was married to one Robert Kirkland, and her self who was married to Aaron Rawlings Senior deceased, and that she never knew or heard of any other Children that the af.d Wm. Jones had in Maryland but has heard he had one in England who died young.

Item 7. To the seventh Interrogatory this Affirmant Saith, That her sister Mary Jones did intermarry with a certain Robert Kirkland as abovesaid some time after her Father’s Death, and that there was a Division made between the Af.d Kirkland this wife and She this affirmant of their Afd. Father’s lands and that the Lands left her by her Father lying on Beard’s Creek fell to her This Affirmant’s Share or her part; That this affirmant afterword intermarried with a certain Aaron Rawlings Sen.r. decd. with whom she joined in a sale of the lands unto one Charles Tilley


In contracts and pleadings usually people and things mentioned before are designated by the term said (sd ) for clarity. Aforesaid (afd, afsd, aforesd ) means it was already mentioned.
The first European settlements in Maryland were made in 1634 when English settlers created a permanent colony.
Maryland was established with religious freedom for Catholics. The colonial economy was based on tobacco cultivated by Africans who had been enslaved.
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