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Henry Barnes was born on November 6, 1643 in St. James, London, England.

He married the widow, Sarah Coffer, in 1663 in Charles County, Maryland. Sarah had been married before to John Coffer (1640). Their children included:
Thomas Cofer,
Francis Cofer,
and John Cofer.

Henry and Sarah's children included:

Edmond Barnes(1668),
Matthew Barnes (1672),
Christian Barnes (1674), and
Henry Barnes (1676).

Maryland was established with religious freedom for Catholics. The colonial economy was based on tobacco cultivated by Africans who had been enslaved.

Rent rolls were lists of landowners showing whether they had paid their annual quit-rents to the Crown. A quick-rent was a feudal remnant and was paid by a freeholder in lieu of services that might otherwise have been required.

Matthew Barnes was born about 1672 in Charles County, Maryland. His parents were Henry and Sarah Barnes.

Matthew's first wife was Elizabeth Jones (1666). Elizabeth was the daughter of Owen and Joanna Jones.

Their children probably included:

Godshall Barnes (1692),
Philip Barnes (1693),
Elizabeth Barnes Courts (1694),
Jane Barnes (1694), and
Henry Barnes (1698).

In 1699, Matthew was the administrator of Philip Jones' and Johanna Hudson's estates.

His second wife was Frances Osborn. She was the daughter of John Osborne. Their children included:

Anne Barnes Harrison (1699),
Matthew Barnes (1701, married Catherine Wood), and
Frances Barnes Harrison (1709).

In 1705, the Matthew's children, Matthew and Elizabeth, registered cattle marks for heifers they were given by their uncle, Richard Hudson.

In 1726 he had 400 acres of St. Thomas resurveyed into Barnes Purchase.

His third wife was Sarah Douglas Gifford (1670). Matthew and Sarah were administrators of her former husband's estate.

His fourth wife was Mary Fendall Theobald who had been married before to John Theobald. She was the daughter of Josias and Mary Fendall.

In 1741 he had 62 acres of Hansons Advice surveyed and recorded the deeds to 400 acres called Hansonton, Robertus, and Addition to Robertus.

Matthew died in 1745 in Charles County, Maryland. When he died, he owned about 1,707 acres in Charles, Calvert and Prince George's Counties.

Mary died in 1751.

Cattle were vital to a household and an important legacy.
Unweaned cattle are calves.
Female cattle are heifers and cows (had a calf).
Male cattle are steers (castrated) and bulls.
are trained draft animals and are often castrated adult male cattle.

The first European settlements in Maryland were made in 1634 when English settlers created a permanent colony.

Many young healthy people died in colonial Maryland due to outbreaks of malaria and yellow fever.




Barnes, Henry,
Charles County,
11th Oct., 1675; 5th Oct., 1676.
To son Matthew Barnes, dau. Christian Barnes, sons Thomas, Francis and John Coster, and to Edmond Barnes, personalty.
Wife Sarah, execx.
Overseers: Robt. Robins, Chas. Culles.
Test: Robt. Robins, Wm. Standford, Edward Barnes. MCW 5. 95.

Henry Barnes 4.430 I Sep 10 1677
Appraisers; Robert Robbins, William Liddeford.


Johannah Hudson
19-1/2A.111 A CH £12.10.0 Aug 3 1699
A second inventory was cited for £5.15.5.
Payments to: Mr. George Tubman, Philip Hoskins, Maj. William Dent.
Mentions: William Hudson (son, dead).
Administrator: Mathew Barnes.


Philip Jones
19-1/2A.122 A CH £2,18.6 #1868 Aug 3 1699
Payments to: Benoni Thomas.
Administrator: Mathew Barnes.


Charles County Court and Land Records, Liber Z, Page 208
18 Jul 1705;
Matthew Barnes, s/o Matthew Barnes, reg. cattle mark for heifer given by his uncle Richard Hudson; above mark formerly that of Owen Jones
18 Jul 1705; Elizabeth Barnes, d/o Matthew Barnes, reg. cattle mark for heifer given her by her father; entered by her uncle Richard Hudson; formerly mark of Elizabeth Jones, her mother, the d/o Owen Jones


Henry Guiford
37A.131 A CH £146.18.1 £122.9.6 Jul 23 1716
Received from: John Penn, John Chandler.
Payments to: Jo. Doughlasse, Philip Briscoe, Sr., John Tomkins, Mr. Robert Hanson, George Belons, Thomas Court, Capt. William Harbert.
Administrators: Matthew Barnes and his wife Sarah Barnes.


1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County, Maryland Hundred -
Port Tobacco: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 441-450:
Hansons Advice
62 acres; Possession of - 62 Acres
Barnes, Mathew:
Surveyed 9 Dec 1741 for Mathew Barnes Sr.
adjoining to a tract of land called Canes Purchase and another called Goose Creek, patented 23 Aug 1743.:


Barnes Mathew,
Charles Co. Jun, 1745; 10 Feb. 1745
Child: Godshall, Matthew, Philip, Henry, Jane Heneford, Elizabeth Courts, Anne Harrison, Frances Harrison
Mentions⅓ of tract left to his wife by her former husband, John Theobald.
Mary wife; Henry son, exs.
Wit: Geo. Godfrey, Geo. Harris. 24.308


Matthew Barnes
32.260 CH £482.9.5 Feb 14 1745 May 7 1746
Appraisers: Thomas Stone, William Eilbeck.
Creditors: Samuel Hanson & Co., Lewis Williams.
Next of kin: Sly. Barnes.
Executor: Henry Barnes.


Matthew Barnes
23.113 A CH £482.9.5 £36.14.5 Jan 13 1746
Sureties: Godshall Barnes, Matthew Barnes.
Received from: Mr. William Eilbeck, Alexander Maclaran.
Payments to: Samuel Hanson, Dr. Gust. Brown, Lewis Williams, Dr. Mungo Muschel, executor of Mrs. Ogden, Daniel Dulany, Esq., Walter Hanson.
Executor (acting): Henry Barnes.


Barnes, Henry
Charles Co. 15 Nov 1749 ; 30 Dec 1749
To my bro. Matthew Barnes ex., my whole estate.
Wit: Hatch Dent, Anne Dent, Will, Eilbeck. 27, 174


Henry Barnes
43.246 CH £353.4.7 Jan 8 1749 Jun 20 1750
Appraisers: William Hanson, Thomas Mitchell.
Creditors: Gustavus Brown.
Next of kin: G. [Godshall)] Barnes, Philip Barnes.
Administrator/Executor: Matthew Barnes [Jr.].


Barnes, Mary [Fendall Theobald],
Charles Co. 18 Oct: 1750; 20 July 1751
To son William Theobalds mourning ring of 20s. sterl. price.
To dau, Mary Swann, wearing apparel, mare, saddle.
To grandson John Theobalds, bed, bolster and pillows.
To grandson John Swann, colt,
To dau. Charity Theobalds remainder of estate.
Dau. Charity Theobalds, extx.
Wit: Jos. M, Semmes, Rachel Semmes, Elinor Semmes. 28.160


Mary Barnes (widow) 48.480 Charles County £37.8.
5 Apr 22 1752 Jun 1 1752
Appraisers: Joseph M. Semmes, Samuel Luckett.
Creditors: Gustavus Brown Benjamin Reeder.

Next of kin: Mary Swann, John Theobalds.
Executrix: Charity Theobalds


Charles County Maryland Land Record Liber Z#2, 1744-1753;
Page 141.
At the request of Matt.W Barnes, the following deed was recorded on Mar 10, 1746[/7].
Jan 30, 1/46[/7] from Robert Hanson of Charles County, Gent,
to Matthew Barnes of Charles County,
for 60 £ sterling, and for divers other causes,
400 acres, being part of 3 tracts of land, one called
, one other called
Robertus, and one other called
Addition to Robertus, all contiguous to each other in Portobacco [Parish] in Charles County
The 400 acres is bounded by the south side of Wheelers Branch opposite the mouth of a deep valley near the plantation of Will Hanson.
Signed - Robt Hanson.
Wit - Willm Eilbeck, Walter Hanson.


1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County, Maryland Hundred -
Port Tobacco: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 309-53:
Kerriderry: 100 acres;
Possession of - 100 Acres -
Barnes, Mathew:
Surveyed 7 May 1672 for Owen Jones at a bound Red Oak the bound tree of Francis Adams and George Hinson.


1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County, Maryland Hundred -
Nanjemoy or Durham Parish: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 335-12:
St. Thomas : 400 acres; Possession of - 400 Acres - Barnes, Mathew:
Surveyed 23 July 1661 for James Lindsey on the East side of the Main Fresh of Nanjemoy:
Other Tracts Mentioned: Barnes Purchase;
Conveyance notes - 250 Acres - Resurveyed into Barnes Purchase; 23 March 1726 Folio 408,

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