An American Family History

Patrick Joseph Treahy and Eliza Mary Thomas

Toronto, (was York County), Ontario Canada

The first European settlements in Ontario were after the American Revolution when 5,000 loyalists left the new United States.

Patrick Joseph Treahy and Eliza Mary Thomas married on June 2, 1862 in Toronto.

John Patrick Treahy was born on March 11, 1863 and Bartholomew Thomas M. Treahy was born in July, 1866. 

Census records indicate that they were Roman Catholic. In 1870 they were probably associated with St. Paul's since Mrs.Treahy worked at their table at the bazaar. Patrick was employed by the Grand Trunk Railway.

They lived in Toronto.  From 1862 to1865 they lived at 101 Sayer Street. In 1866 they lived at 108 Sayer Street.  From 1867 to 1869 they lived at 167 Victoria Street. From 1870 to1873  they lived at 413 Parliament Street.  From 1873 to  1874 they lived at  403 Parliament. From 1874 to  1875  they lived at 17 Spruce Street. In 1876 they lived at 405 Parliament Street.

Patrick died in 1876. 

After his death they lived from 1877 to1880 they lived at 192 Gerrard Street. Eliza and Bartholomew remained in Toronto, but John set out for California in about 1878. Elizabeth and Bart appear in the 1881 census of Canada. They were living in St. Andrew's Ward, Toronto. 

The city of York was incorporated as Toronto on March 6, 1834. The city grew and developed significantly during the the 19th century. The Irish famine brought a large number of Irish immigrants to the city and they became the largest ethnic group.

Toronto 1856
Toronto 1856

The Province of Upper Canada was established in 1791 to accommodate Loyalist refugees from the United States. It included all of Southern Ontario and part of Northern Ontario.



Grandchildren of Patrick & Eliza Treahy
Cousins Lillie, Jessie, Corinne & Alma Treahy
in Detroit