An American Family History

David Taylor

Northumberland County, Pennsylvania was settled after the French and Indian Wars when settlers seeking land began migrating along the Susquehanna River. It was formally established in 1772.

David Taylor was born about 1784 in Pennsylvania. He may have been born in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania where the earliest records of him are found.

David married Anna Bolin about 1809. Their children and life together are described in the section on David and Anna Taylor.

His four oldest sons were born in Northumberland between 1810 and 1816.

David left Northumberland between 1816, when David Jr. was born, and was in Ohio by 1819 when the triplets were born in Greene County. 

He became a widower when Anna died in 1823. After her death he married Mary Bolin.

He moved his family to Dinsmore Township in January, 1834. Soon after they arrived in Dinsmore Township, he died. His estate documents are here.

Children of David Taylor
and Anna Bolen Taylor

  • John Taylor
  • Abraham Taylor
  • Richard Taylor
  • David Taylor
  • Jacob Taylor
  • Mary Ann Taylor Barr
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • and Mary Bolen
  • Ann Taylor Dill
  • Margaret Taylor Winget
  • Nancy Taylor Cox