An American Family History

David Taylor

Northumberland County, Pennsylvania was settled after the French and Indian Wars when settlers seeking land began migrating along the Susquehanna River. It was formally established in 1772.

David Taylor was born about 1784 in Pennsylvania. He may have been born in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania where the earliest records of him are found.

David married Anna Bolin about 1809. Their children and life together are described in the section on David and Anna Taylor.

His four oldest sons were born in Northumberland between 1810 and 1816.

David left Northumberland between 1816, when David Jr. was born, and was in Ohio by 1819 when the triplets were born in Greene County. 

He became a widower when Anna died in 1823. After her death he married Mary Bolin.

He moved his family to Dinsmore Township in January, 1834. Soon after they arrived in Dinsmore Township, he died. His estate documents are below.

Children of David Taylor
and Anna Bolen Taylor

  • John Taylor
  • Abraham Taylor
  • Richard Taylor
  • David Taylor
  • Jacob Taylor
  • Mary Ann Taylor Barr
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • and Mary Bolen
  • Ann Taylor Dill
  • Margaret Taylor Winget
  • Nancy Taylor Cox
  • Seals were used to authenticate documents and men were expected to have a personal die. Records in deed books are copies and signatures are usually in the clerk’s handwriting. The clerk drew a circle around the word “seal” to indicate that the original document was sealed.

    Page 2
    Shelby Common pleas
    Augt 29, 1834
    John Lenox
    Bound adm
    of Taylor
    David Taylor decd
    Filed Augt 29, 1834
    J. A. Wells, clk
    David Taylor decd

    Page 3 - In Matter of Estate of David Taylor- Amounts Paid

    Dr. Jno Moon 10.00
    A.H. Hathaway .62½
    Thomas Rogan 2.62½
    Thomas Smith 1.25
    James Forsythe 1.15
    Henry Wolf 10.63
    Benj Wallingford .56¼
    Jason Taylor 11.76
    James Skillan 2.00
    John Leniasters 10.37½
    E. Thomas 6.12½
    John M. Wilson 3.50
    Julius Wayle 71.28
    John Taylor 27.02½
    W. Evans Co. 2.93
    J. B Johnson 3.00
    Thomas Robbins 2.67¼
    John Staley 2.61
    Joseph Brunner 10.75
    W. Smith 2 68 3/4
    Thomas Coleman 1.71
    Apriate Iredges 4.50
    Hugh Thompson 3.25
    Silas D. Allen 41.17½
    Alexander Shaw 14.37½
    John Howdyshell 20.50
    Philip Young .56¼
    Isaac Bogart 3.81¼
    Andrew Noggle 1.00
    Matthew Bolin 6.43
    Goode & Conklin [attorneys] 5.00
    Total 224.00

    The first Europeans settled in the Northwest Territory in 1788. The Miami Company managed settlement in the southwest and the Connecticut Land Company managed settlement in the northeast. Migrants came from New York and New England. Ohio was admitted to the Union as the 17th state on March 1, 1803.

    Cr. Lenox adm of Taylor and Contd $ & cts
    By Amt paid to Clerk voucher no 33 4.82
    By Amt of Admt Entell for extra services 34 10.00
    total 24.82
    Amt from former page 224.00
    total 238.82
    Amt of assets 500.00
    subtract 261.18 ¾
    Adm percentage on the amt of assets of $500 30.00
    Pat in adm funds 231.18 ¾

    Page 5-Know all men, By these presents, That we, John Lenox, Jacob Slusser and Ezekiel Thomas of the County of Shelby in the State of Ohio, are held firmly bound unto the said State of Ohio, in the just sum of twelve hundred Dollars, lawful money of the United States for payment of which well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, and each of us by himself, for and of the whole sum, our and every of our heirs, executors and administrators, firmly present sealed with our seals.
    Dated the 19 day of August one thousand eight hundred and thirty four.


    Page 6
    John Lenox
    of David Taylor decd.
    Acc Vouchers from no 1 to no 3
    Settled and allowed
    Sept 15, 1837
    Bal. In adm hand $231.?

    Filed May 20 1831
    Ia ce cel ??
    Exo & allowance at
    Sept Term 1837
    Vs No 3 to 88
    & Recorded Book
    No 1 page 374 re
    J. A. Wells clk
    Goode & Conklin atty.


    Page 7 - Cr. John Lenox Administrator of

    To Amt of 409.33
    To Amt of Cash on Hand at death 71.42
    To Amt of Notes and accounts at hand at death 19.25 34/
    Whole Amt of Assets 500.00 ¾

    Page 8
    Shelby Common pleas
    D. Taylor Estate
    Widow Allowance
    Filed Nov 24 1834
    J. A. Wells, Clk
    Record Book
    No one page
    260 to Dower

    A Dower is a provision for a wife's support should her husband die before her. Her dower right was the use of ⅓ of her husband's estate. The dower was settled on the bride at the time of the wedding.

    Pages 11 to 16
    Sale List of the goods and chattles (tangible property other than land, buildings and things annexed to the land) of David Taylor deceased.
    Tools were an important legacy because they were essential part of daily life.

    A shot-pouch is a leather bag for ammunition.



    A martingale is a harness strap that connects the nose piece to the girth and prevents the horse from throwing back its head.


    William Abbott bought 1 Rifle gun, Shotpouch one Martingal and one Hogshead

    A hogshead is a large barrel or cask holding from 63 to 140 gallons.


    William Abbott came to Franklin Township in Shelby County in 1832 from Northampton County, Pennsylvania about 1832. He was born about 1794/95 in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. He married Catherine Hausknecht in 1815 in Towamensing, Northhampton,
    Pennsylvania. Five of their six children were born in Northampton
    County, Pennsylvania.

    John Albright bought one riddle.

    A sieve is a framed mesh and is used to separate coarser from finer particles. A riddle is a coarse sieve.


    John, Matthias, William B. Allbright appeared in the 1840 census in Franklin Township.


    An adze is a is a tool used for smoothing rough-cuts.


    John Altermott bought 1 cooper Adze, one sorel colt, one vinegar cask & fish barrel, wash board and fat can, three barrels & cask, one barrel, one hogshead, one whiskey barrel and a coulter plow.




    John Altermott was from Franklin Township, Shelby County.

    A coulter is a vertical blade on a plough in front of the ploughshare.


      Silas D. Allen bought two hogs (second choice), 1 coffee mill and a Candlestick. Silas D. Allen lived next to John Taylor in Dinsmore Township. He owned a mill with Duff Gouge.
      John Baker bought one coverlet. John C. Baker was born in Kentucky in 1787. He married Margaret Bush of Virginia. He died in Shelby Co. on August 26, 1853 or 1855 and is buried in Pioneer Cem., Salem Township.
      Joseph Baum bought one bell.  

    Stilyards are weighing scales.


    Nehemiah Bennett bought 1 Shovel plow and one book.
    Peter Bennett bought 1 pair Stilyards.
    Nehemiah Bennett was born in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania on April 3, 1793-25. Married first to Sarah Slusser in May 1817.  Married second to Mary L. Croy. Served in Thomas Williams Co. in the War of 1812.The Bennets lived in Franklin Township. He died in Shelby County in January, 1883.
      Robert Blakely - one hymm Book Samuel Blakely came to Dinsmore Township in 1832 from Franklin County


    Isaac Bogart bougth two beds bolts quilt 3 blankets, Bed & bedding, tin cups, Bucket & tin, one coffeepot, one Boll, shears and doorlatch,
    pewter plates,and one hogshead.
    Pewter is an alloy composed mainly of tin, but can include lead. It was used for dishes and utensils. Some colonists suffered lead poisoning from using it. It dents easily and lasted about ten years. It was expensive and wooden dishes were used most often.
    pewter plate
    Pewter Plate

    Isaac Bogart was born 1784 in Northumberland County, Danville, Pennsylvania, and died August 31, 1853 in Auglaize County, Ohio. He married Mary Lilley on October 04, 1813 in Northumberland.

    An auger is a tool for boring holes in wood.


    Matthew Bolin bought box and clothing, one hog, one cradle, 1 teapot, and three barrels.

    Peter Bolin bought one hog, one pair Shears, one set of horse gears and a one inch Augar.

    A pair of Horse gears are the parts that allow wagon wheels to be turned by a horse.
    wagon gearsx
    A horse gear allows a horse to operate machinery.
    Peter Bolin came to Dinsmore Township in 1834 from Montgomery County.
      Samuel Boyer bought one red cow. Samuel Boyer was born about 1788 in Berks County, Pennsylvania and died May 28, 1860 in Franklin Township, Shelby County, Ohio.
      Joseph Bruner bought one lamp, one axe, one Shovel, one Sythe, a Windmill iron, Three sickles, and one Iron Wedge. Joseph Bruner came to Dinsmore Township in 1834 from Clark County.

    James Bryan bought one Saddle.

    Joseph Carmany (Carmoney) bought one well Bucket chain, one featherbed, do Sash, dido halter chain & cable and 1 stone hammer.

    Thomas Coleman bought a blind Bridle.

      Jeremiah Evans bought one lot leather and one halter chain collar. He lived in Port Jefferson.
      Abel Forshee bought one lot of corn, one padlock, 1 patent plow, four books and one padlock.
      George Fridley bought two lots of potatoes, one Trowel, Nails & Almanack, spotted sow, 4 pigs, one Sow and a wheelbarrow wheel. George and Eliza Fridley's son John M. married Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of John and Margaret Taylor. A note says "those potatoes was principly used while the family was still on the place."

    Rachel Gouge bought a Ladle, Skimmer, and knife. Duff Gouge (1812-1858) bought two hogs ( first choice) and one Spinning Wheel.

    Robert Gouge bought one broad axe.

    The Gouge family lived in Dinsmore Township near John Taylor and the Bolins. Duff owned a mill with Silas Allen.

    George Glass bought one box of glass and a Hook Iron.

    John Goode bought one stand and 1 pint bottle.

    George Gray bought one red stear with white back and a red stear.

    A grain auger is used to move grain from carts to storage bins. John Harner bought one Sow, 7 pigs and one Six gr Auger.

    John Howdyshell bought one desk, 4 books, two sheets, one Clock, one looking glass, and one axe.

      John B. Johnston bought 1 lot Iron & steel, A pair horseshoes, one knife box, knives, and spoons. Sergeant John Johnson was born in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania on August 16, 1778. He married  Mary Ewing, daughter of James Ewing in 1816. He served in General Bell's 1st reg. Ohio Militia  in the War of 1812. Lived in Franklin Township and died in Shelby County in Feb. 1860.
    Timothy is grass with long cylindrical spikes.

    Isaac Julian bought one ??? Chain.

    Dan Kelly bought one set horse gears.

    John A. King bought one axe.

    Duffle Lang - Barrel & timothy
    Duffle Lauge - one cutting knife

    Jacob Leapley bought Shovel & tongues.

    Simon Lemasters bought one hide and one cow hide.

    A bedstead had a rope bottom that the feather mattress lay on. Seth Mahuren [Mahurin] bought one Bedstead & cord, 1 Teakettle & Skillet, one bucket and one Table. Seth lived in Franklin Township he was John Howdyshell's father-in-law.
      Thomas McVay bought one light wagon. He lived in Franklin Township.
      Timothy Martin bought a Stuessest?. Timothy lived in Franklin Township.

    Amos Mattlocks bought the red cow blind in one eye and one calf.

    Andrew Moothart bought one sled, 1 pitchfork and a Bolster.

    A brindled cow is gray or tawny with darker streaks or spots. Benjamin Noggle bought one skillet and lid, a Brindle cow, one lot bed clothing, one Mattock and one Sugar Kettle. Andrew Nogle from Fairfield county settled in 1833 in section 30
      Christian Oxburger bought one calf, three chairs. Frederick Oxburger came to Dinsmore Township in 1834 from Germany.

    Augustus Richards bought one red steer.

    Milton Richards bought one book.

    Thomas Robbin bought one white Sow.

    Jesse Rush bought one iron hook, one fou plain, one Sythe Snead and one Sythe.


    A scythe or a sickle is a hand tool for reaping crops. The handle of a scythe is a snead.


    A doubletree is a pivoted bar with a whiffletree attached to each end, used in harnessing two horses abreast.

    A kraut cutter is used to shred cabbage for sauerkraut.

    James Skillen bought three bears skins, one pair stretchers, and a halter chain.

    William Skillen bought one kraut cutter and one bridle.

    William Skillen Junior bought one Doubletree.

    The Skillens lived in Loramie Township. William Skillen came from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania..James and William were brothers. James was the father of Sarah Craig Skillen who married Jason Taylor.


    A flakestand is used to make moonshine. It is a barrel that is constantly cooled with water into which the worm or copper coil is submerged.

    Alfred Staley bought one blind Bridle, one set horse gears and one set gears for horse.

    Levi Staley bought one bay mare, one keg, one Spade and Sythe & Snead.

    John Staley bought the hogs in the woods, a flat Iron and one flakestand.




    Richard Stiles bought one oxen and yolk, compass box wassers, one Griddle, one copper Teakettle and one rat trap

    James Swander bought one bridlebit.


    Abraham Taylor bought one book, one pocket book and one road wagon. Abraham was David's second oldest son.

    George W. Taylor bought one box & tallow, one flatiron and a Lantern

    John Taylor bought one pocket book, one box Irons, Sythe and Snead, and one set blacksmith tools. John was David's son.

    Richard Taylor bought "one horse coult." Richard was David's son.

      Benjamin Vanator bought one Fr??, one Dung fork, one grindstone, one crane, and one horse colt VanVactor in 1840 census of Washington Township.

    Daniel Wale bought one rad iron,1 set cups & Sausers, Jug pot and Flaxseed.

    Fanny Wale bought one pot, one tin bucket, one Jar,and two crocks.

    Julius Wale bought one axe, 1 sugar Bowl, 1 set plates, one coffee mill,
    one churn, 1 Bottle, teacanister, Ink Stand, Eight books, one pillow, 2 blankets, and 1 Drawing knife.

    Timothy Wale bought one skillet & lid, one tra knivs & plates, Trunel bedstead, beding, one slate, Rasors & box, one Chest, one Bedstead & Cord, one kettle, one half bushel, one bottle Spirits Turpintine, one tray, three Jugs and one chest.

    The Wales were from Jackson Township, Shelby County.Timothy Wales was born about 1759 and was of Quaker descent. He served in the Revolutionary war. He moved from Pennsylvania to Shelby County in 1835. His wife was named Elizabeth. He died about 1849.

    A sorrel horse is light brown.

    Gabriel Y. Wilkinson bought one black coult, one hog, and one bridle.

    John M. Wilson bought a Bucket, one set of Sash, and one Dutch oven.

    William Wingate bought one sorrel Mare and 1 set candlesrods.

    John Wood bought hipstraps for two horses.


    Jacob Woodring bought a Log chain.

    Adam Young bought an inkstand and Powderhorn.

    Philip Young Junior bought one Augar, a half inch Augar and one ring mall.

    Note: One brindle heiffer killed by th family and eat up.

    Jacob Woodring was from Franklin Township and was part of the Reformed Church Society that started in 1832.
      Page 17
    The state of Ohio ??? John Lenox a justice of the peace in and for ?? Shelby County
    Personally came John D. Wilson, Silas D. Allen and James Skillen.Appraisement of the estate of David Taylor late of Dinsmore Township in said county decease an ??? ??? Well and truly appraise all the goods and chattel of said state which shall be presented to them for appraisement and also set off to the widow of said decease such provisions or other property as they think reasonable for support of herself and children twelve months from the time of death of said decease.
    John Lenox, JP

    Tools were an important legacy because they were essential part of daily life.
    Estate inventories give us a glance into the home life of Colonial Americans.

    Page 17-19
    A true and accurate inventory of the goods and chattels of the estate of David Taylor late of Dinsmore Township Shelby County Deceased presented to us the undersigned appraisers of said estate of John Lenox the administrator thereof the fourth day of September A.D. 1834.

    One road wagon Bed and Doubletree
    One sorrel Mare
    One Black Colt
    One sorrel colt two years old
    One sorrel colt two years old
    Two hogs in the pen
    One tar bucket
    One belt and collar
    One hide
    One bell and collar
    Three hogsheads and three barrels
    Two sets of hind gears
    One set of fore gears
    One strecher and singletrees
    One bacudase
    One dungfork
    Misc shullerchains bridle and curry comb
    Indesc.shovel and shade
    One sled
    One logchain
    Four axes
    One fifth chain
    One patent plow
    One shovel plow
    One mould board cast metal
    One bucket and half peck measure
    One grind stone and axettree
    Two sythes hangings and three sneads
    One coulter plow
    Three sickles cradle rods and screws
    One wheel barrow wheel
    Two clevues and doubletree
    Two iron wedges and a cooper adze and stone hammer
    Four augars and pitchfork
    One saddle halfbushel & peck measure
    One peck full of old iron
    Windmill irons and pare of horseshoes
    One crane rod irons three stirrips
    A full set of black tools
    One lot steel and iron a chisel drawing knife and backscrews
    One riddle and base some shoemaker tools two trowels
    One writing desk
    One lot of books
    One rifle gun
    Powderhorn and bullet pouch
    Two large kettles and stew pot
    One well bucket one axe
    One lot of barrels and vinegar keg
    One grittle and bail skillet old teakettle and and pail
    One Pot teakettle and oven
    One hand
    One churn ad bred trea
    Two coffe mills and two tin buckets
    One sieve and bucket
    Cabge knife and one bucket with lid
    One padlock two teapots and powder horn
    Yeast bottle two canisters and pint bottle
    One set cups saucers coffe pot pint bottle
    Two pare of shears
    Four crocks bowl and shaving base
    Three ladles and lamp
    Shovel and tongs knife base and six spoons
    Iron square and butcher knife
    Blowl chain and toe hooks
    One chest and looking glass
    One lot of vials
    One trunnel bedstead two featherbeds three covers bolsters pillow
    Two sheets & four towels
    Four pillowslips
    One bedlick and three sheets
    Four blankts
    Four bags
    One pare of Hiliards
    One Hait
    One clothes base
    One chest
    One keg three bearskins
    One lot of leather and leather line
    One clock a lantern two sythes and a strap iron
    One box of hemp seed and tallow five pine dash
    One box of glass and trap
    Four jugs ????? bridlebit old Coffepot
    One spinning wheel Cradle and reel
    One; xxx
    One bed beding and bedstead
    One feather bed
    One bedstead bed and beding
    One hoseplain
    Two plow barrels and some timothy seis
    Smoothing irons ?? setter
    Lot of corn supposed to be 3 acres
    Three chairs
    One bell and collar

    Personal property can be called personalty (personality), goods, chattels, articles, or movable property. It includes both animate or inanimate property.

    Horse Terms
    Foal: less than 1 year old
    Yearling: between 1 & 2
    Colt: male under 4
    Filly: female under 4
    Mare: female over 4
    Gelding: castrated male
    : non-castrated male over 4

    [p. 10] ;
    Shelby Common pleas
    Sale Bill
    D. Taylor’s
    Filed Nov 24
    J. A.Wells
    Record Book
    No one page 256
    Etc J. A. Wells clk

    THE CONDITION of the above obligation is such whereas by the Court of Common Pleas of the County aforesaid.; I John Lenox was dully appointed administrator of the estate of David Taylor late of same County deceased.

    Now, If the said John Lenox shall from time to time, and at all times hereafter, well and faithful do, discharge and perform all and singular the duties enjoined on him as administrator aforesaid according to law then the above obligation to be void and of non-effect’ otherwise to be and remain in full force and virtue in law.

    P. 20 Shelby common pleas
    D. Taylor; Estate
    Filed Nov 24, 1854
    J. A. Wells
    Recorded Feb 9th 1835
    In book no one
    Page 253 &c
    J. A. Wells
    The amount of Bill of appraisement 462.06
    Appraised by us the day and year written
    John M. Wilson
    Silas; D. Allen
    James Skillon

    Page 21
    Shelby Common pleas
    D. Taylor Estate
    Widows yearly allowance
    Filed Nov 24, 1834
    J. A. Wells





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