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Abram Taylor

Northumberland County, Pennsylvania was settled after the French and Indian Wars when settlers seeking land began migrating along the Susquehanna River. It was formally established in 1772.

Buildings in Clark County, Ohio ranged from simple log cabins to sophisticated Italianate and Gothic Revival structures.

1850's Family
from Godey's Lady's Book

Abram Taylor was born on November 4, 1811 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. His parents were David Taylor and Anna Bolen.

He moved to Ohio with his parents about 1818 where they were early pioneers.

On August 24, 1835, John Taylor became the guardian of his sisters, Mary Ann and Elizabeth who were 16. Abraham Taylor and Reuben Staley were securities. On the same day, Abraham Taylor also became the guardian of his brothers, David 19 and Jacob 16. His brother, John Taylor and Reuben Staley were securities.

Abram bought one book, one pocket book and one road wagon from his father's estate sale.

According to Clark County, Ohio marriage records he married Mariah Smith. Mariah was born on May 11, 1817 in Ohio.

Mariah and Abraham's children included:
David Taylor (1838, married Sarah Anne Speece),
William Taylor (1841, married Sarah Jane Kelly),
George M. Taylor (1843),
Amanda Taylor (1846),
Emmett Taylor (1852),
Martha Ellen Taylor (1855, married Thomas M. Kennedy),  and
Joseph Clarendon Taylor (1857).

In 1840 and 1850 they were living in Mad River Township, Clark County, Ohio.

In 1860 the household was living in Kingston, Harrison Township, Champaign County, Ohio. It consisted of Abram age 47, Mariah age 43, David age 22, William age 20, George age 16, Amanda age 13, Emmett age 8, Martha E. age 5, Clarendon age 3, and a three month old infant.

They were still in Kingston in 1870. The household consisted of Abraham age 57, Maria age 53, Amanda age 22, Emmet age 20, Martha age 14, and Joseph age 11. Abraham was a farmer.

In 1880 the household consisted of Abram age 68, Maria age 63, Amanda J. age 29, Emmet age 27, and Ellen age 24.

George began operating a post office, stagecoach stop and general store in Chicago, Kansas on July 8, 1880. In 1900, 56 year old George was living in Sheridan County, Kansas with his wife Mary C. age 46, W. E. age 15, and Margaret I. age 13. Emmet age 46, David age 62, and David's wife, Sarah A., age 58 are also in the household.

Mariah died on September 9, 1894 and Abram died on July 20, 1895. They are buried in Spring Hills Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Springhills, Champaign County, Ohio.

In 1910, David, Sarah and Emmet were in Jackson, Shelby County, Ohio.

Children of David Taylor
and Anna Bolen Taylor

  • John Taylor
  • Abraham Taylor
  • Richard Taylor
  • David Taylor
  • Jacob Taylor
  • Mary Ann Taylor Barr
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • and Mary Bolen
  • Ann Taylor Dill
  • Margaret Taylor Winget
  • Nancy Taylor Cox
  • Clark County, Ohio was formed March 1, 1817, from Champaign, Madison and Greene Counties. The first settlement was in 1796. The inhabitants of German Township were German Lutherans who came from Virginia.

    Champaign County, Ohio was created March 1, 1805 from Greene and Franklin counties. On March 1, 1817 the present boundaries were established when Logan and Clark counties were formed.  An 1800 census counted 100 settlers.
    American pioneers migrated west to settle areas not previously inhabited by European Americans.



    "Chicago Mirrored what Killed Towns" by Amy Bickel

    These days, the only thing that kicks up dusts around Chicago, Kan ., is mainly farmers driving trucks or farm machinery down the gravel roads on their way to plant crops or check fields. Sheridan County, after all, has a population of just 2,400 people, half of them living in the county seat of Hoxie. "That area up there, it's basically no-man's land," said Marilyn Carder, with the Sheridan County Historical Society. "There's probably four miles there where you'd go without seeing a thing except fence rows and crops."

    Nevertheless, 130 years ago, residents saw promise for their little neighborhood, she said, even if it was short-lived. George M. Taylor began operating a post office, stagecoach stop and general store at Chicago on July 8, 1880, Carder said. During that time, Carder figures the one-room school was started, noting they don't have county records before 1897. The town, however, never took off much more, she said. The post office closed on Oct. 18, 1887. . .

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