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Jane Jones Clark

Maryland was established with religious freedom for Catholics. The colonial economy was based on tobacco cultivated by Africans who had been enslaved.
The first European settlements in Maryland were made in 1634 when English settlers created a permanent colony.

Jane Jones Clark (or Clarke) was born about 1670 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Her parents were William and Elizabeth Jones.

She married Neal Clark, Jr. on October 17, 1699 in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Neal was born about 1664 in Ann Arundel County, Maryland and was the son of Neal Clark (or Neale Clark) and Rachel Beard.

On January 30, 1687, Neal, Jr. sold Clark's Luck to William Griffith. His then wife, Anne Clark, signed the deed and released her dower.

Neal and Ann's son was Thomas Clark (about 1693).

Neal and Jane's children probably included:

Neal Clark (married Neomi Hyatt) and
Ann Clark.

In the early 1700s, Jane's brother-in-law, Richard Clark, terrorized Annapolis. Her mother-in-law was convicted of treason and jailed in 1705 for helping her son's accomplice escape from prison. Neal and Jane also helped Richard and his family

When her father died in 1705, she received one shilling.

In 1705 Neal sold part of Neal's Delight to John Mobberly, Sr., who changed the name to Mobberly's Purchase. This patent, first surveyed in 1701, was located in Anne Arundel County on the north side of the Patuxent River above Patuxent Falls.

In 1709 Neal petitioned the general assembly not to continue to prosecute him for for not appearing during his brother, Richard's, trial due to his "distressed Condition."

In September, 1723 Neal patented 618 acres called Hickory Ridge.

In 1724 Neal and Jane sold 300 acres of Hickory Hills to John Tailor, a London merchant.

Children of William and Elizabeth Jones:
  • William Jones, Jr.
  • Elizabeth Jones Duvall Simpson
  • Mary Jones Trogden Beddenfield
  • Ann Jones Pattison Cheney
  • Jane Jones Clark
  • The Patuxent River in Maryland drains into the Chesapeake Bay. It marks the boundary between Montgomery, Prince George's, Charles and St. Mary's counties on the west and Howard, Anne Arundel, and Calvert counties on the east.
    Anne Arundel County, Maryland was established in 1650.

    A Dower is a provision for a wife's support should her husband die before her. Her dower right was the use of ⅓ of her husband's estate. The dower was settled on the bride at the time of the wedding. A drowry was the property a bride brought to her marriage.

    It was common for bequests to include wearing apparel.



    from The Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, Maryland by Joshua Dorsey Warfield

    [Richard Beard's] daughter Rachel Clark, and her son, Neal Clark, [were mentioned in his will] who married Jane, daughter of Captain George Puddington. [sic- he married Jane Jones. George Puddington was Neal's step great-grandfather.]


    from Land Records of Anne Arundel, County
    Grantor: Neale Clarke, Anne Arundel County., planter;
    Grantee: William Griffith, Anne Arundel County, planter
    Date of Deed: 30 Jan. 1687;
    Date Recorded: 30 January 1687;
    Consideration: 3,000 lbs tobacco;
    Signature: Neale Clarke, Ann Clarke;
    Witnesses: Henry Ridgely, Edward Burgoff [Burgess?] &nbap;
    Description: Tract called Clarks Luck, north side of South River, bounded
    by land formerly laid out for Edward Hope and Thobey Butler called Hodge Neck,
    by land formerly laid out for James Warner and for Henry Ridgely called Walridge,
    by land of Clark called The Landing Place. 60 acres.
    Original Certificate dated 14 Oct. 1684.;
    Other Pertinent Information: Tho Reynolds in right of his wife, relict and legatee of Wm Griffith, late of Anne Arundel Co. Decd., requested the conveyance be rerecorded.;
    Release of Dower: Ann Clarke .

    Planter is an archaic term for a settler. Plantation was a method of colonization where settlers were "planted" abroad. A plantation is also the kind of large farm that was the economical basis of many American Colonies and owners of these farms were also called planters.

    Tobacco is a native American herb that is cultivated for its leaves which are prepared for smoking, chewing or snuff. In parts of colonial America, it was used as money. Tobacco plantations in the colonial south fueled the need for enslaving people.

    from Maryland State Archives
    Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly, March, 1707-November, 1710

    Volume 27, Page 381 by the Council in Assembly October 27th 1709

    The Petition of Neal Clark of Ann Arundel County setting forth his distressed Condition and praying he may not be further prosecuted on two recognizances by him Entered into for Richd Clark's Appearance now forfeited

    read And ordered there be no further prosecution thereon against this Petitioner until this Board shall give directions therefore The Board adjourned until nine of the clock to morrow morning


    from Abstracts of Chancery Court Record of Maryland 1669-1782 by Debbie Hooper Family Line Publications 1996 Westminster, Maryland, p. 37:

    1716. To examine the evidences of the bounds of a tract called White Hall, possessed by Mr. Samuel Gallaway and Mr. Gerard Hopkins of Anne Arundel Co.
    Deponents: (1) Neale Clarke of Anne Arundel Co., planter, aged ca. 49 yrs. recalls hunting with John Gaiter [Gaither] about 30 years ago [about 1686] when they sat down to light their pipes.... that said Gaiter was one of the first seators in these parts (meaning the head of South River). (Liber CL p. 304)

    A deponent (dept, dpnt) gives testimony under oat.

    Mister ( Mr.) was derived from master and Mrs. and Miss were derived from mistress. They indicated people of superior social status in colonial America.


    Early Families of Southern Maryland, Vol. 1, The Griffith Family, Page 204

    Neale Clarke sold Clark's Luck to William Griffith, planter of Anne Arundel Co, on Jan 30, 1687

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