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Johann Valentine Hart

Europeans who made the voyage to America faced a difficult journey of several months.
The Palatinate is a region in south-western Germany. Many thousands of Palatine immigrants were driven out of Germany by war, famine, despotic rule and disease. They were attracted to Pennsylvania by the first settlers who sent back favorable reports.

Johann Valentine Hart was born about 1725 in Germany.

Leonard Hart was born December 26, 1758.

Moses Hart was born on August 31, 1764 in Augusta (now Rockbridge County,Virginia). He was confirmed in 1782 at the age of 17.

Benjamin Hart was born about 1766 in Augusta, Virginia which is now Rockbridge.

Valentine Hart was born on September 3, 1769.

Matthias and Elizabeth Weaver of Brumfield Parish in the County of Culpepper sold 100 acres to Valentine Hart on November 16, 1769 for 15£.

Valentine Hart and his wife, Anna Maria, attended the Hebron Lutheran Church in Culpeper, Madison County, Virginia at Christmas, 1776. It was known as the German Church or the Dutch Church and the services were in German.

Henry Huffman, sold 12 acres of land to Valentine Hart. The witnesses to the deed were Elizabeth Hart and John and George Hume.

In 1782 through 1784, Valentine Hart and his wife Anna Maria, along with Moses Hart & Elizabeth Hart, were on the communion lists at Hebron Lutheran Church.

In 1783 a Valentine Hart was on the Culpeper County, Virginia tax list of Henry Hitt.
John Broyle Peter Broyle, levy free

Valentine Hart and his family probably moved to Rockbridge County, Virginia in 1784/5.

Benjamin married Rebecca Gabbert on May, 15 1787, in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

Moses married Elizabeth Hite on January 23, 1788, in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

Valentine Hart's will was filed in Rockbridge County, Virginia on July 3, 1792. Virginia Wills Before 1799 by William Montgomery Clemons. It mentioned sons: Leonard Hart, Moses Hart, Benjamin Hart and Valentine Hart.

Valentine married Polly Standoff on February 10, 1795 in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

Watauga Pioneer Neighbors

Lutherans are Protestants who follow Martin Luther's religious teachings, especially the doctrine of justification by faith alone.

In 1607 the London Company established Virginia as the first permanent New World English colony.



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