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Etta Ethel Fox Flanders Chambers O'Dea

The Foxes are Mayflower descendants: Samuel Fuller, Hannah Fuller Bonham, Hezekiah Bonham , Amariah Bonham, Christian Bonham Fox, Bonham Fox, Levi Fox, John Newton Fox

In the 1830s settlers began arriving in Iowa from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia. Iowa became a state in 1846.

Etta Ethel Fox Flanders Chambers O'Dea was born in Benton Township, Lucas County, Iowa in December, 1874. She was the daughter of John Newton Fox and Sarah Jane Ricketts. She was five at the tBachtel Familyime of the 1880 census. She was listed as Ettie. At the time of the 1895 census, she was living with her sister Clara Wood.

She married Joseph Chambers on April 16, 1896 in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa.

Her son, Albert Guy Ross was born on May 17, 1896 in Lucas County, Iowa.

In June of that year a Joseph Chambers from Woodburn, Clarke County, Iowa was visiting his niece Ellenor Elizabeth Carson Reese. Her mother was Elizabeth Chambers Carson. This Joseph Chambers had a son named Joseph E. Chambers who was born in 1861 in Iowa.

June 18, 1896

Etta married Joseph Chambers. They divorced soon after.

January 21, 1898

In March, 1899 a James Flanders divorced his wife Louise in Albia.

Monroe County News
March 17, 1899

He had had an accident the previous year.

Monroe County News
April 15, 1898


Etta married James Flanders from Albia on April 20, 1899.

marriage marriage

August 25, 1899

In August, 1900 Etta and James divorced in Monroe County.

November 1900

April 4, 1901

January 10, 1901


July 17, 1902

Albert Guy was adopted by Benjamin Franklin Ross and Arminta (Minnie) Ann Fisher. B. F. was listed as widowed in the 1905 census. B. F. was born in Iowa. His parents were Joseph and Martha Ross.

In 1905 Etta sued for custody of her son Guy

April 6, 1905

Etta married James T. O'Dea (O'Day) about 1909. At the time of the 1910 census they were living in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa. James was born about 1864 in Nebraska and was Irish Catholic. The census record indicates that she had given birth to one child who was living. This was her third marriage. He was a railway motorman and she was a proprietress of furnished rooms. They had two boarders.

A James F. O'Dea, who was possibly their son, died on June 18, 1913 and was buried at St. Marguerite's Cemetery which is now known as Mount Clavary Cemetery.

At the time of the 1915 Iowa state census, Etta and James were living at 208 Tremont Avenue in Davenport. James was a motorman and earned $900 in 1914. They both attended school through 8th grade.

Etta died on August 15, 1915 in Davenport.


According to the Tombstone Records of Scott County, Iowa James died on January 2, 1929. James and Etta are buried together at Oakdale Cemetery in Davenport.

Children of:
John Newton Fox and
Sarah Jane Ricketts
  • Clara Fox Wood
  • Eliza Fox Smith
  • Bonham Fox
  • Merrit Fox
  • Orpha Fox
  • Etta Fox O'Dea
  • Mae Fox McKelvey

    Isabelle Solinger
    and R. Groves
  • Edward Groves
  • Isabelle Solinger
    and John Shelton
  • Clyde D. Sheldon
  • Leonard William Shelton
  • Maud May Shelton Netherow
  • Thomas Del Shelton
    John Fox and
    Isabelle Solinger
  • Earl Fox
  • Orpha and Etta
    Orpha & Etta Fox

    Chariton is the county seat of Lucas County, Iowa and is in Lincoln Township.

    Lucas County is in south central Iowa. It was founded in 1846 and the county seat is Chariton.



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