An American Family History

William Fiske, Jr.

Lush forests in Colonial America allowed settlers to build wooden homes.

Middlesex County, Massachusetts was created on May 10, 1643. The county originally included Charlestown, Cambridge, Watertown, Sudbury, Concord, Woburn, Medford, Wayland, and Reading.

William Fiske, Jr. was born on April 20, 1709 in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. His parents were William Fiske and Eunice Jennings.

He married Marcy Blanchard (1701) on January 23, 1729. Marcy was born on January 31, 1700/01 in Charleston, Massachusetts. Her parents were George Blanchard and Sarah Bassett.

William and Marcy's children were born in Willington, Connecticut:
William Fiske (1732),
Mary Marcy Fiske (1734),
Eunice Fiske (1737),
Sarah Fiske (1739),
Hannah Fiske (1740),
Nathan Fiske (1743),
Peter Fiske (1745), and
Benjamin Fiske (1748).

William and Marcy died in Willington.
Watertown was settled in 1630 by English Puritans in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
First printed in Boston 1745
Children of William Fiske
and Eunice Jennings
  • William Fiske
  • Hannah Fiske Powers
  • Stephen Fiske
  • Nathan Fiske
  • Old Style Calendar
    Before 1752 the year began on Lady Day, March 25th,. Dates between January 1st and March 24th were at the end of the year. Old Style (O.S.) and New Style (N.S.) are used to indicate whether the year has been adjusted. Often both dates are used.

    Connecticut's first European settlers were Dutch.

    Early European settlers in the American colonies were mostly farmers and craftsmen. They had to work hard to provide daily neccesities for themselves.