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Nathan Fiske

Connecticut's first European settlers were Dutch.

Estate inventories give us a glance into the home life of Colonial Americans.

Nathan Fiske was born on February 13, 1722/23 in Ashford, Windham County, Connecticut. His parents were William Fiske and Eunice Jennings.

He married Eleanor (Elener) Whitney on February 14, 1743. Eleanor was born on April 2, 1727 in Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Her parents were Josiah Whitney and Miriam Barrett.

Nathan and Eleanor's children included:
Nathan Fiske (1744, married Ruth Burt),
Josiah Fiske (1745, married Elizabeth Morse),
Stephen Fiske (1747),
Oliver Fiske (1750, died as an infant),
Sylvanus Fiske (1753), and
Experience Fiske (1755).

He was the town clerk of Greenwich from 1748 to 1758.

Nathan died on March 21, 1788 in Greenwich. Eleanor died in 1827.

First printed in Boston 1745
Greenwich, Hampshire County, Massachusetts was incorporated in 1749 and dissolved in 1938. It was renamed from Quabbin in 1754 .
Children of William Fiske
and Eunice Jennings
  • William Fiske
  • Hannah Fiske Powers
  • Stephen Fiske
  • Nathan Fiske
  • Old Style Calendar
    Before 1752 the year began on Lady Day, March 25th,. Dates between January 1st and March 24th were at the end of the year. Old Style (O.S.) and New Style (N.S.) are used to indicate whether the year has been adjusted. Often both dates are used.

    The town clerk was one of the first offices in colonial America. The clerk recorded births, marriages, and deaths.

    Early European settlers in the American colonies were mostly farmers and craftsmen. They had to work hard to provide daily neccesities for themselves.



    The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) was between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the 13 colonies which became the newly formed United States.

    from Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania: Genealogical, Volume 3

    Nathan Fisk, son of William and Eunice (Jennings) Fiske, was born in Willington, Connecticut, February 13, 1722. He married there, February 14, 1743, Eleanor Whitney, and in 1748 removed to Greenwich, Hampshire county, Massachusetts, settling in that part of Greenwich which was later incorporated as Enfield. He was town clerk of Greenwich, 1748-58.

    Experience Fisk, first above mentioned, was a son of Nathan and Eleanor (Whitney) Fisk, and was born in Greenwich, Hampshire county, Massachusetts, November 19, 1755.

    He married, at Westminster, Windham county, Vermont, October 12, 1785, Mary Earl, born at Leicester, Worcester county, Massachusetts, July 27, 1761, and settled at Westminster, Vermont.

    He was a soldier in the patriot army during the Revolutionary War, probably from the inception of the Revolutionary struggle, but no record of his services in the earlier years of the war has been obtained. His name appears as a corporal on the muster roll of the company of Captain Michael Gillson, in the battalion of Vermont Militia commanded by Major Elkanah Day, dated at Westminster, Hampshire county, September 3, I781. The detachment to which his company belonged marched in the alarm of October, 1780, one hundred and ten miles, and he is credited with eight days service on that alarm. Another record shows his service as a non-commissioned officer of Captain James Burk’s company, or of Captain Michael Gillson’s company, dated at Westminster, September 3, 1781, when those two companies marched in the alarm at Newberry in 1781. He was later lieutenant of Captain Benjamin Whitney’s company, in Colonel Bradley’s first regiment, Vermont Militia, his name appearing on the pay-rolls of the company dated at Westminster, September 15 and 20, 1782, and June 18, 1784. The record further shows that Lieutenant Fisk and this company was "in the service of the State of Vermont, at Guilford and other adjacent parts in the county of Windham," from October 30, 1783, to March 1, 1784.

    During the later years of his life he resided at Brookfield, Worcester county, Massachusetts, and died there, June 2, 1825.

    A militia is a military unit composed of citizens who are called up in time of need.
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