An American Family History

Ruth Fiske Estey


Various spellings of Estey
Easte, Este, Estee, Estes, Estey, Esty

The town of Ipswich was established on August 5, 1634, from common land called Agawam. On October 18, 1648, that portion called the "Village" at the New Meadows was set off as Topsfield. The boundary line between Ipswich and Topsfield was established, February 28, 1694.

Ruth Fiske Estey was born on August 20, 1707 in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts. Her parents were Joseph Fiske and Susannah Warner.

Some researchers believe that her first husband was David Kilburn and that she married an Estey second. David was probably not her first husband since when her father died in 1745, she was named in his will as Ruth Estey. Ruth Kilburn had three children after 1745.

Some reseachers believe that she was married to Richard Estey, but others believe that his wife was the daughter of William and Mary Fiske of Ipswich.


First printed in Boston 1745
Children of Joseph Fiske
and Susannah Warner
  • Joseph Fiske
  • Hannah Fiske Platts
  • Susanna Fiske Kilburn
  • Sarah Fiske
  • Elizabeth Fiske Dwinnell
  • Ruth Fiske Estey
  • Abigail Fiske
  • Joseph Fiske
  • Mark Fiske
  • John Fiske
  • Essex County, Massachusetts was created on May 10, 1643 by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, when it ordered "that the whole plantation within this jurisdiction be divided into four sheires."