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Various spellings of Estey
Easte, Este, Estee, Estes, Estey, Esty


The settlement of New Meadows was incorporated as the Town of Topsfield in 1650. The church "gathered" on November 4, 1663. The third Meeting House was built in 1703 with Rev. Joseph Capen as pastor.

Lush forests in Colonial America allowed settlers to build wooden homes.

Aaron Estey was born on February 16, 1698/99 in Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts. His parents were Isaac Estey, Jr. and Abigail Kimball.

He married Esther Richards in 1723. Their children and life together are described in detail in the section on Aaron and Esther Estey.

At A Legal Town meeting In Topsfield March ye 2nd 1730-31  . . . Joseph Robinson, Aaron Estey, & Nathan Bixby: are Chosen Tythingmen for ye year Ensuing.

He died on April 21, 1783 in Topsfield. He is probably  buried in the South Side Cemetery with his wife Esther.

The South Side Cemetery is in the southern part of Topsfield. In 1740 Joseph Herrick deeded to David Cummings, John Cummings, Joseph Towne, Nathaniel Porter, Thomas Dwinell, Benjamin Towne, Samuel Curtis, Aaron Estey, Gideon Towne, Nathaniel Porter, Jr., Amos Dorman, Thomas Dorman, Israel Towne, Daniel Robinson and Joseph Hobbs a half acre of land in Topsfield on the south side of Ipswich River, known as the burying place, enclosed with a stone wall, to be used as a cemetery. No stones mark the earliest graves and the resting places of only a few of the Revolutionary soldiers buried here can be identified. Mrs. Esther Estey who lived to be over a hundred years old is buried there.

Children of Isaac Estey
and Abigail Kimball
  • Mary Estey Perkins
  • Abigail Estey Cummings
  • Sarah Estey Cummings
  • Isaac Estey
  • Aaron Estey
  • Jacob Estey
  • Hannah Estey Cummings
  • Richard Estey
  • Rebecca Estey Tucker Puffer
  • Moses Estey
  • Children of Aaron Estey
    & Esther Richards
  • Isaac Estey
  • Aaron Estey
  • Hannah Estey Towne
  • Mary Estey Dwinnell
  • Isaac Estey
  • Abigail Estey
  • Esther Estey
  • William Estey
  • Daniel Estey
  • Esther Estey Balch
  • Aaron Estey
  • William Estey
  • Old Style Calendar
    Before 1752 the year began on Lady Day, March 25th,. Dates between January 1st and March 24th were at the end of the year. Old Style (O.S.) and New Style (N.S.) are used to indicate whether the year has been adjusted. Often both dates are used.

    ye is an archaic spelling of "the."
    Essex County, Massachusetts was created on May 10, 1643 by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, when it ordered "that the whole plantation within this jurisdiction be divided into four sheires."



    DNA match with other descendant in this line.
    Richard Kimball
    John Kimball
    Abigail Kimball Estey
    Aaron Estey
    Mary Estey Dwinnell
    Israel Dwinnell
    Isaac Davis Dwinnell, Sr.
    Isaac Davis Dwinnell, Jr.
    Victoria Dwinnell Miller
    Robert Wilson Miller, Sr.
    Robert Wilson Miller, Jr.

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