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Johannes Baker


The First Barbary War (18011805) was between the United States and the Barbary States of Tripoli and Algiers.

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America and was ratified in 1789.

Johannes (John) Baker was born on September 16, 1754 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His parents were Philip Baker and Anna Catherine Gramm.

He married Anna Whitmer. Anna was born on June 4, 1761 in Rockingham County, Virginia. She was the daughter of John Jacob Whitmer and Anna Snyder (Schneider).

John and Anna's children included:
John Baker (1784, married Mary Spader),
Susannah Baker Cupp (1786, married Henry Cupp),
Elizabeth Baker Cupp (1789, married Frederick Cupp),
Jacob Baker (1794-1870, married Rebecca Crickenbarger),
Mary Baker Spader (1800, married Jacob Baker),
Philip Baker (1801, married Margaret Ruebush)
Samuel Baker (1804, married Elizabeth Williams), and
Frances Baker Showalter (1806, married Peter Showalter).

Johannes died on May 15, 1830 in Virginia and Anna died on May 17, 1838. They are both buried at Friedens Church Cemetery, Mt. Crawford, Virginia.

First printed in Boston 1745
Friedens was originally a Reformed Luthern church. It is in the southeast part of Rockingham County near Mt. Crawford. Members of the Kessler and Baker families were associated with Friedens.
Children of Philip Baker
and Anna Catherine Gramm
  • Jacob Baker
  • John (Johannes) Baker
  • Philip Baker
  • Henry Baker
  • Conrad Baker
  • Samuel Baker
  • Daniel Baker
  • Martin Baker
  • Rudolph Baker
  • Anna Elizabeth Baker Ransbarger
  • Rockingham County, Virginia was established in 1778 from Augusta County. European settlement began in the 1740s.


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