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Anna Elizabeth Baker Ransbarger

Presbyterians are Protestant Christians. The denomination originated in Scotland and congregations are ruled by elected elders. Presbyterian theology follows the Calvanist tradition and emphasizes the sovereignty of God, the authority of the Scriptures, and grace through faith in Christ.

In 1607 the London Company established Virginia as the first permanent New World English colony.

Anna Elizabeth Baker Ransbarger was born about 1776 in Dunmore (now Page) County, Virginia. Her parents were Philip Baker and Anna Catherine Gramm.

According to First Marriage Records of Augusta County, Virginia, 1785-1813 by Thomas Hughart Chapter, she married George Ransbarger (Ransberger) on April 7 1796. The ceremony was performed by the Presbyterian Reverend, William Wilson in Augusta County, Virginia. William Wilson was the second pastor of the Old Stone Church in Fort Defiance near Staunton, Virginia. The record indicated that the bride was of age and the daughter of Philip Baker, deceased.

According to William Price in Historical Sketches of Pocahontas County, West Virginia

The pastor of the Old Stone Church, Rev. William Wilson . . . and fifteen or twenty of the young people . . . came over [to Kentucky] together. They became imbued with the spirit of the moment and went back singing and praying as they traveled along. The effect upon the home people in the valley as they rode up singing and praying was overwhelming, and from the point-the Old Stone church--the revival influence went all over the State, wherever there were Presbyterian congregations. . .

A George Ransbarger family appeared in the 1810 census of Shenandoah County, Virginia. The household consisted of

a man and a woman between 26 and 44 (born between 1766 and 1786),
two girls and a boy between 10 and 15 (born between 1795-1800),
and a girl and a boy under ten (born after 1800).

Children of Philip Baker
and Anna Catherine Gramm
  • Jacob Baker
  • John (Johannes) Baker
  • Philip Baker
  • Henry Baker
  • Conrad Baker
  • Samuel Baker
  • Daniel Baker
  • Martin Baker
  • Rudolph Baker
  • Anna Elizabeth Baker Ransbarger
  • In 1831 Page County, Virginia was created from Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties. Originally it was part of Frederick County.

    Augusta County, Virginia was formed in 1738 from Orange County and was vast territory including West Virginia and Kentucky.
    1770 - southern part became Botetourt.
    1776 - parts became Monongalia, Ohio, and Yohogania.
    1778 - area west of Ohio River became Illinois County.
    - northeastern part became Rockingham.
    - southwestern part was combined with part of Botetourt to form Rockbridge
    1788 - northern part combined with part of Hardy to become Pendleton.
    1790 - western part was combined with parts of Botetourt and Greenbrier to form Bath.
    Virginia county formation was complex and some of the above counties were further divided or disbanded.

    Shenandoah County, Virginia was established in 1772. It was originally Dunmore County.

    17th and 18th century Germans often gave children two names at baptism. The first was a saint's name. The second a secular name which is what the child was called. The saint's name was usually given to all the children of that family of the same gender. Johannes was rarely a saint's name, but Johann was.
    Indiana became a state in 1819. The north was settled by people from New England and New York, the center by people from the Mid-Atlantic states and Ohio, and the south by people from Southern states, particularly Kentucky and Tennessee.
    Many settlers in the Shenandoah Valley were Germans from Pennsylvania called the "Shenandoah Deitsch."


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