An American Family History

Yarmark and Morrison (Swientolawski) Families

Ancestors of Frances Fay Morrison Tuller

Simon S. Morrison's family came from Klodawa, Poland. Their name was originally Swietoslawska. They immigrated to the United States about the time of the World War I. They became successful clothing manufacturers and watch importers.

Yetta Yarmark's family came to the United States in the 1890s from eastern Galicia on the San River in the Lwow district.

Isidore Yarmark (Jarmark) & Fanny Neger 1865

Isidore (Itzag) Yarmark (Jarmark)

Fanny (Frimet) Neger

Galicia, Austria/Poland
Brooklyn, New York


Moishe Swietoslawska and Pearl Kolsky 1870

Klodawa, Poland

Moishe Swientoslawska

Simon Morrison and Henrietta Yarmark 1911

New York, New York
Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
Los Angeles, California