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Dinah Davis Hildreth

Middlesex County, Massachusetts was created on May 10, 1643. The county originally included Charlestown, Cambridge, Watertown, Sudbury, Concord, Woburn, Medford, Wayland, and Reading.
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Dinah Davis Hildreth was born on April 20, 1737 in Littleton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Her parents were Simon and Jane Davis.

She married Captain Jonathan Hildreth about 1759. Dinah was his third wife. Jonathan was born on August 30, 1727 in Petersham, Worcester County, Massachusetts. He was the son of Isaac Hildreth and Rachel Adams

Jonathan’s first wife was Mary Robbins. They married in Chelmsford, Cheshire County, New Hampshire on January 25, 1748/49. Mary was born on November 7, 1726 in Grafton, Worcester, Massachusetts. Her parents were Thomas Robbins and Lydia Adams. Mary died in 1751. 

Jonathan’s second wife was Phebe Farr. Phebe was born June 21, 1730 in Harvard, Worcester County, Massachusetts.

Jonathan and Phebe's children included:
Jonathan Hildreth (1753, married Lucy Bingham),
Reuben Hildreth (1755),
and Shilliel R. Hildreth (1758).

Phebe died November 28, 1758 in Westmoreland, Cheshire County, New Hampshire.

Dinah and Jonathan’s children were born in Westmoreland.
Isaac Davis Hildreth (January 8, 1760),
Martin Hildreth (August 6, 1761– March 15, 1823)
Lotan Hildreth (March 29, 1763—June 3, 1812),
Phebe Hildreth Fletcher (December 12, 1765),
Edward Hildreth (September 14, 1767, married Sarah Farr),
Adams Hildreth (October 18, 1769, married Sarah Baldwin),
Dinah Hildreth (July 8, 1771– March 19, 1772),
Dinah Hildreth Parker (February 23, 1773),
Tola Hildreth (September 1, 1774—October,  1774),
Sarah Hildreth (February 19, 1776) and
Luna Hildreth (July 31, 1778– December 16, 1785).

According to the History of Chesterfield, "Jonathan Hildreth had a saw-mill on the upper part of Catsbane brook as early as 1770." He was selectman in 1767, 1770, and 1779.

Dinah died in 1805.

Littleton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts was first settled in 1686 by English settlers and was the the location of the Native American village called Nashoba Plantation

Children of Simon and Jane Davis
  • Captain Simon Davis
  • Captain Isaac Davis
  • Jane Davis
  • Thankful Davis Hinds
  • Bettey Davis Emmons
  • Mary Davis
  • Dinah Davis Hildreth
  • Olive Davis Wheeler
  • Elias Davis
  • Lieutenant Ebenezer Davis
  • Lydia Davis Davis
  • New Hampshire was first settled by Europeans in 1623. It was separated from Massachusetts in 1679.

    In early New England towns policy was set by a board of 3 to 5 selectmen. They oversaw public responsibilities such as the policing, roads, and fences.




    The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) was between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the 13 colonies which became the newly formed United States.

    from History of Chesterfield

    Jonathan Hildreth, brother of Samuel Hildreth (3), of Wm. Hildreth (4), and of Edward Hildreth (5), settled in Wmd. as early as 1751 , having rem. to that town (according to family tradition) from Petersham, Mass. He seems to have come to Chfd. about 1763, and settled on the farm now owned and occupied by Watson Wheeler.

    He m. 1st, Mary, d. in Wmd. in 1751;
    2d, Phebe , d. in Wmd. in 1758 ;
    3d, Dinah .

    Selectman 1767, '70, '79.

    He appears to have d. after 1805.

    Jonathan, b. in Wmd., Mar. 14, 1753; m., 1778, Lucy Bingham. Soldier 1777.
    Reuben, b. in Putney, Vt., May 4, 1755; m., 1781, Susanna, dau. of John Sanderson (1).
    Shilliel R., b. in Wmd., Jan. 10, 1758.
    Isaac D., b. in Wmd., Jan. 8, 1760; d. in Chfd. 1766.
    Martin (6), b. in Wmd., Aug. 6, 1761
    Lotan (7), b. (probably) in Chfd., Mar. 29, 1763.
    Phebe, b. Dec. 12, 1765; m., 1784, Abel Fletcher (1).
    Edward, b. Sept. 14, 1767.
    Adams, b. Oct. 18. 1769; m., 1795, Sally Baldwin.
    Dinah, b. July 8, 1771; d. 1772.
    Dinah, b. Feb. 24. 1773.
    Tola, b. Sept. 1, 1774; d. the same year.
    Sarah, b. Feb. 19, 1776.
    Luna, b. July 31, 1778: d. 1785.

    In the War of 1812 (1812-1815) the United States declared war on England because of trade restrictions, impressment, and British support for Indian attacks. They signed the Treaty of Ghent on December 24, 1814 after reaching a stalemate.

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    Gazetteer of Cheshire County compiled by Hamilton Child printed at the Journal office, 1885

    Jonathan Hildreth settled in Westmoreland as early as 1751, and moved to this town about 1763, settling on the farm now owned by Watson Wheeler. He was selectman in 1767, '70, '79.

    New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial by William Richard Cutter published by Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1914

    Jonathan, settled in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, as early as 1751, coming from Petersham and settling in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, about 1763; married three times, wives named Mary, Phebe and Dinah; was selectman and left many descendants.

    p. 100
    The date of the first town meeting, nor the business then transacted, is not known. The first meeting on record was held on the second Tuesday in June, 1767, at the house of Jonas Davis, when Capt. Simon Davis was chosen moderator. The records of this meeting give us the first intimation of highways in the town, when the "river road" running from Westmoreland line to Hinsdale line, was accepted. A road beginning at Hinsdale line, and running northerly by Jonathan Hildreth's and Nathaniel Bingham's was also accepted. Jonathan Hildreth lived where Watson Wheeler now resides and Nathaniel Bingham on Wetherbee hill.

    Estate inventories give us a glance into the home life of Colonial Americans.


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