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Lazar Tuller


Lazar (Eliezer) Tuller was born in Matsiov, Kovel, Volhynia, Russian Empire which is now Lukiv, Ukraine. Lazar was the son of Symcha Benjamin Tuller and Miriam Avrech.

He married Rivka and they had 8 children.Their children were Schlomo Tuller, Nuta (Nathan) Tuller, Itzchak Tuller, Ira Tuller, Abram Tuller, Feidel Tuller, Gitel Tuller and Esther Tuller. All eight of the children died during the holocaust.

Schlomo married Pnina Friedman. They had five children. The oldest was born about 1915 was killed in an auto accident involving one of the first cars in Poland. Fagi Tuller was born in 1916, Sasha (Alex) Tuller was born February 17, 1919 in Kamien, Dolnoslaskie, Poland, Sanya Tuller was born in 1922 and Itka Tuller was born in 1924. Fagi, Sanya, and Itka were lost in the holocaust.

Sasha married Sarah Feldzamen who was born October 22, 1922 in Lublin, Lubelskie, Poland. They immigrated to the United States where Sasha died in Brooklyn on February 9, 1985.

Before World War I it was Matsiov in Kovel, Volhynia in the Russian Empire. Between the wars it was Maciejów, Kowel, Wolyn in Poland. After World War II it was Lukov in the Soviet Union. Today it is Lukiv in the Ukraine. It has also been called Motchiov, Matzif, Matseev or Matsiv (Yiddish), Matseyuv, Matseyev, and Matseyiv.

Brooklyn is a borough of New York City, but was an independent city until January 1, 1898. It has the  same boundaries as Kings County


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