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Abraham Tuller

Before World War I it was Matsiov in Kovel, Volhynia in the Russian Empire. Between the wars it was Maciejów, Kowel, Wolyn in Poland. After World War II it was Lukov in the Soviet Union. Today it is Lukiv in the Ukraine. It has also been called Motchiov, Matzif, Matseev or Matsiv (Yiddish), Matseyuv, Matseyev, and Matseyiv.

Abraham Tuller was born December 29, 1896 or 1892 in Matsiov, Kovel, Volhynia, Russian Empire which is now Lukiv, Ukraine. He was the son of Motel Tuller.

Abraham had a hat factory in New York. It was located at 56 Broome Street in Newark, New Jersey. He lived at 336 South 5th Street in Brooklyn when he filled out his World War I draft registration and at 26 Tutor Terrace in Brooklyn when he filled out his World War II draft registration.

His wife was named Ethel. She was born in 1904 in Russia. His son was Martin N. Tuller and he was born on July 13, 1926 in New York.

At the time of the 1930 census, 32 year old Abe was living in the Bronx with his 26 year old wife, Ethel, and 4 year old son Martin. He was working as a blocker in a hat factory.

In 1933 the New York city directory listed Abr as the president of Faultless Hat Company at 1685 Topping Avenue, apt 24. Ethel was listed as the vice president and secretary treasurer.

Abraham died in January, 1963.

Brooklyn is a borough of New York City, but was an independent city until January 1, 1898. It has the  same boundaries as Kings County


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