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William Theobald

Theobald is also spelled: Theobaldes, Theobaldo, Theobalds, Theoball, Theoballs, Theobals, Theobold, Theobolds, Theboult. (Pronounced Tibbals)
Arms-Gules, six crosses, crosslet fitchée or.
Crest-A phoenix with wings expanded sable in flames proper.

William Theobald's was born in Charles County, Maryland in the mid seventeenth century. His parents were Clement Theobald and his first wife, Catherine.

According to Ancestral Records and Portraits,Volume by the Colonial Dames of America he was a sworn attorney of the Charles County court.

In 1681 William was the surety for Captain John Coode in a sedition trial. John Coode (c. 1648-1709) led a rebellion that overthrew Maryland's colonial government in 1689. Coode participated in four uprisings and was the first Protestant Associators governor from 1689 to 1691.

In 1681, the General Assembly paid him 1,6o0 pounds of tobacco


Old Style Calendar
Before 1752 the year began on Lady Day, March 25th,. Dates between January 1st and March 24th were at the end of the year. Old Style (O.S.) and New Style (N.S.) are used to indicate whether the year has been adjusted. Often both dates are used.
In Protestant Revolution of 1689, Maryland Puritans called Associators, revolted against the Roman Catholic government.


Tobacco is a native American herb that is cultivated for its leaves which are prepared for smoking, chewing or snuff. In parts of colonial America, it was used as money. Tobacco plantations in the colonial south fueled the need for enslaving people.

An Act for Paymt & Assessing the Publicke Charges of this province
Enacted at the August 16 - September 17, 1681 Session of the General Assembly of the Province of Maryland:

Whereas there hath beene ffiue hundred fforty seaven Thousand Six hundred & Six pounds of tobacco, expended laid out & disbursed by the upper & Lower houses of this prsent Genll; Assembly

& by severall others the good people of this Province for the publike good of the same & to the intent the same may bee satisfied & paid to those persons to whom the same is due,

Bee itt therefore enacted by the Right Honourable the Lord Propry by & with the advice & Consent of the upper & Lower houses of this prsent Genll; Assembly & the Authority of the same, that the said ffive Hundred fforty Seaven Thousand Six Hundred & Six pds of Tobacco, to bee paid in manner & forme as is heereafter expressed, (that is to say) . . .

to Wm Theobalds,
to Tho: Hussy,
to Jno Barker,
to Tho: Hargus, &
to Alex: Smith

each of them one Thousand six hundred pds of Tob

The first European settlements in Maryland were made in 1634 when English settlers created a permanent colony.

Charles County Circuit Court Liber K, Page 26
14 Nov 1682;

Indenture from Archibald Wahob, planter, to Philip Hoskyns and Elizabeth his wife; for fatherly love and affection to his dau. Elizabeth Hoskyns, ½ of a parcel of land containing 400 acres purchased from Tho. King; bounded by land of Jno. Wheeler;
/s/ Archibald Wahob (mark);
wit. Cleborne Lomax, Wm. Theobalds


Charles County Circuit Court Liber I, Page 318
30 Jun 1682;
Indenture from William Boyden, planter, and Elizabeth his wife to Tho. Gibson; for 5,500# tobacco a parcel of land called Maysemow; bounded by Daniell Mathena, Mattawoman Creek, and land of George Howland; containing 100 acres;
/s/ William Boyden, Elizabeth Boyden;
wit. Cleborne Lomax, William Theobalds;
ack. in court by William and Elizabeth Boyden


William Low 8198 A CH £32.8.0 #11800
Aug 1 1683

The amount of the inventor (£32.8.0) is equivalent to #11800.
Payments to:
Hon. Philip Calvert, Esq.,
William Theobalds on account of Richard Sheapard,
Mr. Edward Pye on account of Col. Benjamin Rozer (dead),
Mr, Thomas Burford,
Col. William Chandler,
Cleborne Lomax on account of Capt. Rand. Brandt.
Distribution to: administrator.
Administrator: Archibald Wauhop

Lord Baltimore, Cecil Calvert (1605 -1675), 2nd Baron Baltimore was the first governor of Maryland.
Phillip Calvert (1626–1682), was the 5th governor from 1660 to1665.
Charles Calvert (1637 – 1715), 3rd Baron Baltimore inherited the colony in 1675.

Charles County Circuit Court Liber L, Page 139
25 Dec 1685;

Indenture from Henry Moore, planter, to Jno. Boyer, planter; 100 acres of a tract of land of 200 acres called Maismore left by will of "my dec'd father Henry Moore" to be equally divided between Henry Moore and Elizabeth Moore;

/s/ Henry Moore (mark);
Wm. Theobalds, Chriso. Farmer (mark)


Charles County Circuit Court Liber N, Page 209
2 Jun 1687;

Indenture from Joseph Cornall and Margaret his wife, to William Griffin and Thomas Phillips, planters; for 4,000# tobacco;
a parcel called Moore's Fishing Place;
bound by Howland on the south side of Mattawoman Creek, OBrian's and, Hopewell; containing 234 acres;
/s/ Joseph Comall;
wit. Wm. Theobalds, Joshua Graves


Charles County Circuit Court Liber P, Page 5
2 Jun 1688;

Indenture from Joseph Cornall and Margaret his wife to William Griffin and Thomas Phillips; for 4,500# tobacco;
a parcel of land called Moore's Fishing Place;
bounded by Howland and land of Mathias Obryan; containing 234 acres;
/s/ Joseph Cornall;
wit. Wm. Theobals, Joshua Graves


Charles County Circuit Court Liber P, Page 1.
27 May 1688;

Indenture from Cornelius Maddock, merchant, and Mary his wife, to James Smallwood; for 3,000# tobacco;
a tract of land called Nuthall; bounded by Mendips?, the land of Ralph Shaw called , land formerly surveyed for Edmond Lindsey now in possession of James Smallwood; containing 60 acres;
/s/ Cornelius Maddock;
wit. Wm. Theobalds, John Robey (mark), Thomas Gannett (mark).


from Charles City County, Virginia, order book, 1676-1679

5 December 1678
Wm. Theoball, plt., agst. Thos. Body, Sr.. Referred to next court.

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