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Jonas Denton

Frederick County, Virginia was formed in 1743 from Orange County. Old Frederick County included all or part of four counties in present-day Virginia: Shenandoah, Clarke, Warren, and Frederick, as well as five in present-day West Virginia: Hardy, Hampshire, Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan.

Jonas Denton was born about 1677 in Hempstead, Queens County, New York. He was the son of Samuel Denton.

His wife was Jane Seaman

Jane and Jonas' childen may have included:

Jonas Denton(1690)
Dinah Denton (1684)
Benjamin Denton (1686),
William Denton (1690),
Robert Denton (1695),
Samuel Denton (1698, married Mercy Searing), and
Joseph Denton (1702, married Athelena Clay).

He married Jane Hardenbrock in 1711.

John Denton (1715, married Sarah Odell),
Mary Denton (1716, married Thomas Little), and
Abraham Denton (1718).

Jonas Denton owned 404 acres in Hempstead, New York and sold it in 1735 to Peter Smith. Jonas’ wife, Hannah, named in sale

On March 26, 1735, Jonas, John Denton and Thomas Palmer bought 3,100 acres of bottom land along the North Fork of the Shenandoah River in the vicinity of Tom's Brook, Virginia from Jost Hite for 200£ .

Jonas died about 1752 in Frederick County, Virgina.





from Funk Pioneers

Jonathan Denton (b. 1715 c., son of Jonas, b. 1690 c.) and his wife Hannah sold 360 acres to John C. Teabo on 23 May 1772.
Hannah Denton (b. 1721 c.) deposed in the Hite/Fairfax lawsuit (3 March 1770) that she was about 49 years old.
Jonathan had purchased the 360-acre tract (recorded then as 369 acres) from Lord Fairfax on 12 September 1766.



From The Tennessee Valley Historical Review:

Also about the same time, Jonas Denton and others had reached the Virginia country. Samuel, Robert, James and John Denton begin to appear in the same general locality. The deeds in Frederick County clearly prove that the Dentons were there as early as 1755 and became prominent citizens.



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