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Robert Gillis Smith


Robert Gillis Smith was born March 23, 1917 in Omaha, Nebraska. His parents were parents were John Elmer Smith and Emma Ethel Bertrand.

Shelley Mitchell wrote

I don’t know if you remember Uncle Bob, but he was always the family cut-up. I can remember enjoying his sense of humor. Aunt Clara tells about going to visit him once in Visalia.  He needed to replace a cord on one of his appliances, so they all went to the Salvation Army. He found exactly what he was looking for, and was standing there holding it when the woman who worked there asked if she could help him. He replied that he was “looking for a cord just like this." She told him that they didn’t have any—so he smiled angelically, thanked her and left with the cord.

He married Lillian Ophelia Dotson who was born January 14, 1921 in Taylor County, Texas. Lillian's parents were Henry Oliver Dotson and Julia May Dempsey.

Lillian and Bob had one son, Curtis Gillis Smith, who was born July 6, 1946 and died December 29, 1965 in Visalia, Tulare County, California.

Lillian died on June 2, 1980. Bob died on March 29, 1985 in Visalia. 



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