An American Family History

Josiah Smith and Eliza Fox
After 1920

Children of Josiah Smith, Jr.
and Eliza Fox
  • Mary Grace Smith White Hanley
  • John Elmer Smith
  • Bertha Edna Smith Kimsey
  • Harry William Smith
  • Ethel Edith Smith Taylor
  • Bryan Sewell Smith
  • Augusta Lena Smith Larson
  • Andrew Jack Smith
  • Twyla May Smith White

    The Larsons and the Whites at Lakeview about 1923.

    Gus, Twyla and Ethel at the Sac County Fair in 1926.

    Jack Smith and Maryon White in summer 1930. "Notice the droopy pants (all the style)"

    Josiah and Eliza in their cafe.

    In spite of, or perhaps because of, the difficult times the children of Josiah Smith and Eliza Fox had growing up they remained close as adults.

    Bertha was in Wyoming by the time of the 1910 census and moved to Moorcroft in 1912.. Josiah moved to Wyoming in 1920 to visit Bertha and Ethel and later bought a ranch and made his home there. Ethel went to Wyoming to be with Bertha and after she married they ranched on his homestead in Arch Creek, east of Moorcroft.

    Bertha Smith Kimsey's children, Mina Lee Kimsey and Donald Dee Kimsey, were born in 1918 and 1920 in Wyoming. Augusta Smith Larson married in 1921 and her daughter Twyla Mae Larson was born 1926. Ethel Smith Taylor married in 1922 and Doris Dean Taylor was born in 1924. Bryan Smith married in 1922 and and Robert Jack Smith was born in 1923 and William (Bill) Smith in 1925. Twyla Smith White married in 1923. Twyla's daughter Marion White was born in 1924 and Donald White was born in 1925.

    Elmer Smith was living in Nebraska when his children, Bob, Virginia, Norman and Lee were born between 1917 and 1923.

    Larson's farm in the summer of 1925. It was probably the 4th of July. Bill White, Perry, Grace, Vera holding Maryon, unidentified friend and Eliza. Twyla Mae was born the following November.

    Donald & Maryon White and Twyla Larson on the Larson's front steps

    Moorcroft, Crook County, Wyoming

    About 1929, Josiah went to Omaha, Nebraska where Eliza had been living near Elmer and Harry to ask Eliza to marry him again and they were married for a second time.

    Bryan's family also  moved to Moorcroft in 1929 and lived there on a ranch.

    Eliza and Josiah operated a cafe in Moorcroft, Wyoming.

    Josiah and Eliza's second marriage only lasted a few years and Eliza left Josiah again. After that, Josiah lived on the Taylor ranch and Eliza moved around from family to family.

    Jack married for the second time in 1937. Josiah died in 1938.

    During World War II, Bryan and Jack moved to Washington State to work in the shipyards there. Elmer's family was living in Los Angeles and most of his children were working at American Aviation.

    Eliza died in 1947.

    Eliza and Grace
    in the early 1920s

    Cliff Rikard at left.Vera behind Bryan and Elmer Kimsey in back. "I remember Uncle Bryan just like this. Always in a hurry. Always alert.

    Maryon White and Doris Taylor

    " Public Enemies 1 thru 6 -
    Aren't we a bunch of happy campers?
    Looks like just before of after a good lickin."
    Back- Doris, Maryon, Jack
    Front- Donald, Bill, and John



    Taylor Ranch 1938. By the ice house. Dorish holding Ruth Taylor, Ethel behind Jimmy, Maryon by Twyla with Margie. Then Eil with John in front. Donald holding the dog.


    Bryan, Jack and Elmer

    Across the front - Jack Smith, Bertha Kimsey, Joan Smith, Ruth Taylor, Gus Larson, Elmer Smith, Dorish Taylor Hall, Mina Keef
    In back - Ethel Taylor, Eil Taylor, Elmer Kimsey, Bill Smith, Bryan Smith, Bob King, Twyla Larson King, Twyla White, Raymond Larson, Jack Smith, Bill White and Amos Hall

    Ethel, Bertha, Twyla, Bryan, Gus, Elmer and Jack

    Maryon White, Bertha & Elmer Kimsey and Twyla & Bill White, and Ruth Taylor

    Twyla White, Bertha &
    Elmer Kimsey
    "Looks as if Twyla got the jump on the bra burners."

    Elmer Kimsey, Mina Kimsey, John Smith, Bertha Kimsey, Lillian Smith, Jack Smith, Bill Smith, Twyla White and Dorothy Kimsey. Portland Oregon 1955

    Click here to read family memoires in the Wind in the Willow

    The Sundance Times, June 9, 1960

    June 1
    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Larson of Sac City, Iowa, spent several days last week visiting relatives here. Mrs. Larson is a sister of Mrs. Elmer Kimsey and Bryan Smith.

    Sunday a family picnic was held in the Moorcroft city park for members of the Bryan Smith and Elmer Kimsey Families. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Larson of Sac City, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Roxie Montagne and daughter of Sheridan, Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor and family of Sundance, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Taylor and family of Moorcroft, Mrs. Mina Lea Bode and daughter and friend of Sheridan. There were 26 attending this picnic and all enjoyed the day.

    Mrs. Bryan Smith is a patient in the St. John's hospital in Rapid City. Mrs. Smith accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Larson as far as Rapid City Monday when the Larson's were returning to their home in Iowa.

    Colonial Maryland
    Colonial New England
    Colonial Virginia & West Virginia
    Quakers & Mennonites
    New Jersey Baptists
    German Lutherans
    Watauga Settlement
    Pennsylvania Pioneers
    Midwest Pioneers
    Jewish Immigrants

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