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Clara Minerva Ricketts Cavallin


Ricketts is also spelled Rickeots, Rickeotts, Rickett, Rickets, Ricket, Rickel, Rickle, Rickels, and Rickles.


Lucas County is in south central Iowa. It was founded in 1846 and the county seat is Chariton.

In the 1830s settlers began arriving in Iowa from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia. Iowa became a state in 1846.

Clara Minerva Ricketts Cavallin was born about 1857 in Henry, Marshall County Illinois. Her parents were Isaac Ricketts and Catherine Simpson.

Clara married Otto Victor Cavallin on October 8, 1876 in Lucas County, Iowa. Victor was born in January, 1848 in Sweden. His parents were Carl J. and Karin Cavallin. He came to America when he was 24 years old on the Batavia from Liverpool, England to New York. He arrive October 21, 1872.

Clara and Victor's children were:
Sylva Cavallin (1878),
Stella Cavallin (1880),
Otto Cavallin (June 25, 1883),
Infant Son (1884),
Ray William Cavallin (April 19, 1886),
Vida Irene Cavallin Gilbert (April 19, 1886, married Edward Elmer Gilbert),
Vera Cavallin (June, 1893), and
Hazel B. Cavallin (June, 1896).

At the time of the 1880 census, they were living in Warren Township, Lucas County, Iowa. The household consisted of Victor age 30, Clarrie age 22 and Sylva age 3.

Stella died on July 31, 1882 when she was just 2 years old.

Sylva died on November 24, 1884 when she was only 7 years old. She was buried at Chariton Cemetery.

In 1885, 19 year old Melissa Rickets, who was born about 1866 in Lucas County, Iowa was living with them. An infant son was born and died that year.

At the time of the 1900 and 1910 censuses they were living in Selah Precinct, Yakima County, Washington. The household consisted of Victor age 52, Clara age 42, Otto, age 17, Ray W. age 14, Vida I. age 12, Hazel B. age 9, and Vera A. age 6.

Victor died on March 21, 1917 in Yakima and Clara died on January 31, 1931 in Seattle. She is buried at Acacia Park Cemetery in King County, Washington.

Children of Isaac and Catherine Ricketts:
  • Eliza Ann Ricketts Baker Clark
  • William H. Ricketts
  • Sarah Jane Ricketts Fox
  • James M. Ricketts
  • Caroline Tilena Ricketts Cole
  • Catherine Paulina Ricketts King
  • Clara M. Ricketts Cavallin
  • Typhoid fever is transmitted by the eating or drinking feces contaminated food or drink. Symptons include fever, profuse sweating, gastroenteritis and diarrhea.
    Typhomalarial fever has symptoms of malaria and typhoid fever.
    Typhus is a completely different disease and is spread by lice or fleas. The patient has fever, joint pain, cough and headache.

    Vida Cavelin and Walter Brooks.
    They were engaged to marry before Walter's untimely death from typhoid fever in October, 1905 in Selah, Washington.
    Photo courtesy of Nancy Shire.



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