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William Richards

In 1688, during the Glorious Revolution, the Protestant king and queen,William and Mary, took the English throne from Catholic King James II. The bloodless revolution profoundly impacted the American colonies.

William Richards was born on June 7, 1663 in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts. His parents were Edward Richards and Ann Knight.

William was living abroad in 1688. A letter from his parents asking him to come home has survived. It was addressed to him at an inn, "the Greenet Bullitt, near Samuel Coxfords's at Philadelphia Pa."

After returning to Lynn from Pennsylvania to be with his aged and inform parents, he quit his rights to the property he inherited in Lynn in favor of his brother Daniel and "probably returned to pennsylvania, or even further south" (Essex Genealogy Volume 12, 3; August 1992, p. 156).

Children of
Edward Richards

Ann Knight Richards
  • John Richards
  • Abigail Richards Collins
  • Mary Richards Nick
  • William Richards
  • Deborah Richards
  • Daniel Richards
  • Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts was first settled by English Puritans in 1629 and was first incorporated in 1631 as Saugus.


    English colonists from Salem were the first settlers in Lynn.

    History of Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts: Including Lynnfield, Saugus, Swampscot, and Nahant by Alonzo Lewis, James Robinson Newhall, published by J.L. Shorey, 1865

    William was living abroad in 1688, as appears by a parental letter superscribed "These for my loveing sonn William Richards Liveing att Philadelphia in pensylvanah or elsewhere present," and sent " ffrom Lin in New England this 12th of June, 1688." The letter urges him to return to Lynn, as his parents are getting old, and much desire his presence. And they want him to make up his mind never to leave the place again; the father agreeing, for his encouragement, to give him half of his place.

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