An American Family History

John Pitts

Tennessee was admitted to the Union on June 1, 1796. It was initially part of North Carolina.

North Carolina was one of the thirteen original Colonies. It was first settled by small farmers and grew quickly in the mid 18th century.

John Pitts was born in 1781 in North Carolina. John may have been a son of Lewis Pitts based on DNA matches and proximity.

John was a cooper who lived most of his life in East Tennessee.

He married Sarah Stanfield. Their children and life together are described in detail in the section on John and Sarah Pitts.

Sullivan County is in far northeast corner of Tennessee between North Carolina and Virginia and was originally part of those states. It was formed in 1779 when it was divided from Washington County.

A cooper makes wooden barrels and casks.


Watagua Pioneer Neighbors

East Tennessee is part of Appalachia. At the end of the French and Indian War, colonists began drifting into the area. In 1769, they first settled along the Watauga River. During the Revolution, the Overmountain Men defeated British loyalists at the Battle of Kings Mountain. The State of Franklin was formed in the 1780s, but never admitted to the Union.



DNA match with other descendant in this line.

  • John Pitts
  • Sarah Pitts Smith
  • Josiah Allen Smith
  • John Elmer Smith
  • Virginia Smith Miller