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John Osborn married Ann Oldage on May 19, 1644 or 1645 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.

John Osborn (1645/6, married Abigail Eggleson),
Ann Osborn (1647/8, married Humphrey Prior),
Nathanie Osborn (1649/50),
Samuel Osborn (1652, died as an infant), 
Mary Osborn (1655, married, Josiah Owen),
Hannah Osborn (1657, married Elias Shattuck and Benjamin Eggleston),
Samuel Osborn (1660),
Esther Osborn (1662),
Isaac Osborn (1664, died young), and
Sarah Osborn (1666/7). 

John Osborn signed a petition to establish the town of Killingworth in 1663.

John died in 1686 in Windsor. Ann died in 1689.


John Osborn was born on January 10, 1645/6.

He married Abigail Eggleson.

John Osborn (1670, married Eizabeth Gibbs),
Abigail Osborn
Mindwell Osborn
Mary Osborn
Ann Osborn
Sarah Osborn
Elizabeth Osborn
Martha Osborn

His second wife was Martha Ellsworth

twin sons (1692/1693, died as infants)
Isaac Osborn (1694),
Mary Osborn (1695/96), and
Jacob Osborn (1697/98, married Abigail Foster).


John Osborn was born on August 25, 1670, Westfield, Middlesex County, Connecticut

He married Elizabeth Gibbs on December 7, 1696.

John and Elizabeth's children included:

Benjamin Osborn (married Priscilla Hulse),
John Osborn (married Sarah Stiles)
Joseph Osborn (married Martha Stiles), and
Ezekiel Osborn (marred Abigail Watson).

John died on March 5, 1740.


Benjamin Osborn married Priscilla Hulse

Benjamin Osborn Jr.,
Thomas Osborn,
Zebedee Osborn,
Priscilla Osborn,
Thomas Osborn,
Elizabeth Osborn,
Olive Osborn (1742, married Aaron Powers), and
Thomas Osborn.



Jacob Osborn was born in 1697/98 in Hartford, Connecticut.

He married Abigail Foster on November 5, 1722 in Stow. She does not appear to be the Abigail Foster who was born on February 27, 1708-9 who married Zaccheus Swift on May 15, 1735.

Abigail Osborn (1724, married Zebedee Osborn),
Lucy Osborn (1727, married Isaac Davis),
Elizabeth Osborn (1730)
Elizabeth Osborn.

Jacob died in 1755 in Greenwich.



Women played an essential role in American society as mothers and homemakers.

From The Wights: A Record of Thomas Wight of Dedham and Medfield by William Ward Wight

John Osborn, by tradition of Welsh origin, married May 13, 1645, Ann Oldage, only child of Richard Oldage (Oldige, Oldridge, Olderidge), of Windsor, who died January 27, 1661 (Savage's Gen. Dict., III 307). Ann died August 28, 1689. John Osborn died October 27, 1686, in Windsor, where he had a large estate.

John and Ann had Sergeant John Osborn, born January 10, 1645-6, who married October 14, 1669, Abigail Eggleston. These last were parents of Mary Osborn, who married John Stiles.

Abigail Eggleston (June 12, 1648—1689) was daughter ot Begat and Sarah (Talcott) Eggleston. Begat (spelled also Bagot, Bigod, Begott, Bigget, Biggot), born about 1590, was made a freeman in Dorchester, Mass., in 1631, went to Windsor in 1635, aud died there September 1, 1674 (Stiles' Windsor, 59(1).


It was common for bequests to include wearing apparel.

from New England Historical and Genealogical Register

Martha Ellsworth, second wife of John Osborn of Windsor Connecticut ... by this second wife, Isaac born on 6 June 1694, Mary born on 10 February 1695/6, and Jacob [Osborn] born on 4 January 1697/8. In his will dated 9 March 1705/6, John Osborn named his oldest son John and all his daughters then living. He left to his unnamed wife during her widowhood several parcels of land to be used for the upbringing of his children with the stipulation that they should eventually go to his "two younger sons," also unnamed. The rest of the lands were to go . .

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