An American Family History

Simon Morrison and Yetta Yarmark

New York, New York
Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
Los Angeles, California

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Simon Morrison and Yetta Yarmark married in New York on February 21, 1911. Their daughter Frances Tuller said they met when Simon went with his cousin to visit her in the tenements of New York. Her family did not approve of him because he was not religious.

They moved to Chicago in 1911. William (Bill) Morrison was born on March 28, 1912. Myron (Mike) Morrison was born on May 28, 1914. Jerome (Jerry) Morrison was born on April 25, 1916. Frances Fay Morrison Tuller was born on April 15, 1919. Shirley Sarah Morrison Shack Schindler was born on June 12, 1923.

 The family lived in Chicago during the gangster era. John Dillinger was shot about one mile from their house.

The family appeared in the 1920 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. At that time, the household consisted of Simon S. age 36, Yetta age 30, William age seven, Myron age five, Jerome age three and a half and Francis age seven months.

During the summers the boys would go to camp and the girls would go with their mother to a resort such as South Haven, Michigan or the Dells.

At the time of the 1930 census they were living in Chicago next door to Simon’s brother Jacob Morrison on Christiana Avenue.  The household consisted of Simon S. age 47, Yetta age 46, William age 18, Myron age 16, Jerome age 14, Fay age 11 and Shirley age 6.  Simon S. was a manager in a neckware firm and William was an electrical supply salesman.

The Morrisons moved to Los Angeles, California when Simon S. retired. Simon died in 1964 and Yetta in 1982.

Chicago, Illinois saw a major expansion in industry in the 1920s and prohibition led to the Gangster Era from 1919 until 1933. It was the nation's railroad center.




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