An American Family History

Wilson Miles Van Dusen, Sr


Wilson Miles Van Dusen, Sr. was the son of William Henry Van Dusen and Edith Miller. He was born on July 26, 1898 in San Diego, California. 

Wilson married Alice M. Ebert abot 1922. Their son Wilson Miles Van Dusen, Jr. (Bill) was born September 11, 1923 in San Francisco. Their daughter Lois Van Dusen Bishop was born about 1925.

Wilson died on March 27, 1969 in Los Angeles, California and Alice died October 17, 1976.

wilson, jr.
Wilson, Sr. and Jr.
Alice with Lois and Wilson, Jr.
Wilson Sr. with Lois
and Wilson, Jr.
Wilson, Jr. and
Marjorie Van Dusen
About 1931
Verner Duval (Lois and Wilson's half brother)
Lois Van Dusen
Johnie (the boy who boards at the home)
Wilson Van Dusen, Jr.
Wilson, Jr.
San Diego, California was incorporated in 1850, the same year California became a state. The original Old Town was located several miles inland. In the late 1860s, Alonzo Horton promoted a move to New Town on the bay. New Town grew quickly and became the city center. In 1915, San Diego hosted the Panama-California Exposition.