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Macdugil, MacDugle, Mackdoggle, Mackdougell, McDoggle, McDougle, McDougall, McDugle, McDugal


Colonial Maryland used the headright system to encourage settlement. Land was granted to anyone who would pay fthe transportation costs of a laborer.

The first European settlements in Maryland were made in 1634 when English settlers created a permanent colony.

Hugh McDougal was probably born before 1696, if he was 20 years or older when he was transported to America. According to David Dobson, Hugh McDugle was a Jacobite captured at Preston. He was transported to Virginia in 1716. and sold to Robert Hanson in Maryland on October 17, 1716.

Hugh married Elizabeth about 1730 in Maryland.

The children mentioned in Hugh's will were:

John McDougal (March 11, 1731)
Elizabeth McDougal
Mary McDougal.

Some researchers believe that Benjamin Ricketts married Hugh's daughter, Elizabeth, but that is unlikely since Benjamin married about 1720 and Hugh had only been in the colonies for a few years. When he died, it appears that his children were quite young.

In 1732 Hugh Mcdougall inherited John MacBayn's (Macbean) estate in Anne Arundel County. John Mackbayn arrived on The Friendship on August 31, 1716. He had fought against the English King at Preston. John was sold to indenture to John Ford. He became a planter in Anne Arundel County as a Planter in Anne Arundel. His Will was dated March 9, 1732.

In 1733 he was executor of John Mackland's estate in Anne Arundel.

He wrote his will on June 18, 1735 in Prince George's County. It was administered by Benjamin Ricketts. When he wrote his will, his son and probably his daughters were minors. Usually married women are mentioned by their married names.

In 1744 and 1753, Elizabeth Ricketts, wife of Benjamin Ricketts was listed as the executrix of Hugh McDugal's estate.

John McDougle married Charity Duvall on February 20, 1757 in Prince George's, Maryland. She was the daughter of Samuel Duvall and Elizabeth Mulliken.

In 1787 Benjamin Mcdugle witnessed Benjamin Ricketts' will.

Anne Arundel County, Maryland was established in 1650.
Europeans who made the voyage to America faced a difficult journey of several months.
Maryland was established with religious freedom for Catholics. The colonial economy was based on tobacco cultivated by Africans who had been enslaved.



from Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations by David Dobson

McDugall, Hugh
Jacobite captured at Preston. Transported from Liverpool on the Godspeed master Arthur Smith, for Virginia 28 July 1716. Sold to Robert Hanson in Maryland 17 October 1716.


Marriages and Births – Queen Anne’s Parish (1700s), Prince George’s County, Maryland
Salt Lake FHC Film No. 0014304, Item 3

Hugh MacDugle Elizabeth ??
Alexander MacDugle Born October 06, 1727

John Macdugil Charity Duvall February 20, 1757 William Brogden [minister]
Samuel Macdugil February , 175?


John Mackland (planter) 17.447 Anne Arundel 229.2.7 Mar 26 1733 Jun 11 1733
Appraisers: James Nicholson, Samuel Jacob.
Creditors: William Denune, Richard Hill.
Executor: Hugh McDugall.


Mackdoggle, Hugh, Prince George's County, 18th June, 1735; 11th July, 1735.
To wife Elizabeth, extx., and hrs., 1/3 of estate.
To son John and hrs., 1/3 of residue of estate, to be educated as Mr. Francis Hall shall direct.
To the poor, personalty to be distributed by priest living on plantation where Mr. James Carroll, deceased, lately dwelt.
To daus. Mary and Elizabeth, residue of estate, divided equally.
Test: Robert Knustubb, Mary Powell, Mathew Knustubb


Ralph Crabb (gentleman) 13.65 A PG £681.15.11 £40.4.1 May 13 1735
Received from: John Bell, John Farroh, Mr. Joseph Adams (merchant in London), Mr. Isaac Millner (merchant in London).
Payments to: Dr. Patrick Sim, Dr. William Denune, Luke Barnard, Jonathon Simmons, Hugh Mackdougell, David Crawford, William Ducker, Charles Lucus, Randolph Johnson, Mahitable Pairpoint.
Executrix: Mrs. Pricilla Crabb (also Priscilla Crabb, widow, relict)


Hugh Mackdugall/McDugal 21.349 PG £130.8.3 1735 Jun 18 1736
Appraisers: Philip Green, Joseph Peach.
Creditors: Charles Carroll, James Waugh.
Administrator: Benjamin Rickett


Hugh McDoggle 20.304 A PG £150.8.3£27.0.3 Jul 31 1744
Payments to: James Mouat, William Black (merchant in London) paid to Alexander Black, James Waugh, Nicholas St. Lawrence, Stephen Wormer.
Executrix: Elisabeth Ricketts, wife of Benjamin Ricketts.


Hugh McDoggle 34.243 A BA £19.7.6 Aug 6 1753
Received from: John Banbury & Co. for money belonging to estate of John McBan (of Prince George's County, deceased was administrator).
Payments to: Charles Carroll, Esq., Daniel Dulany, Esq.
Executrix: Elisabeth Ricketts, wife of Benjamin Ricketts.

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