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Thomas Long

Bedford County, Pennsylvania was created on March 9, 1771 from part of Cumberland County.

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America and was ratified in 1789.

Thomas Long was born in the mid 18th century. His father was probably William Long, Sr.

The Long family moved to Barree Township, Pennsylvania about 1774.

Thomas Long signed the Oath of Allegiance in Bedford County in 1778.

In 1785 a tax assessment was made in Barree Township which was then in Bedford County. Thomas Long was on that list.

In 1788 Thomas Long had no acres and 1 head of cattle.

On November 2, 1784 the Long family had their land surveyed in Bedford County. Thomas Long applied for a warrant for 300 acres on Login's Branch joining James Dearmond and George Green.

In 1788 a tax assesment list was made for Barree. At that time it was in Huntingdon County. Some of the residents also appeared on the Logan and West tax list. Thomas Long was on that list.

In 1788, John Little was captain of the militia in Huntingdon County. His company was made up of men from Barree including Thomas Long.

Deed. Thomas Long of Barree Twp., Huntingdon County, yeoman, to John Nicholas Waggoner of the township of The Northern Liberties in Philadelphia county: 266 acres, 48 perches on Logan's Branch in Barree Twp. March 9, 1789.

Thomas Long was in Huntingdon County in 1790. The household consisted of 4 females and one male over 16.

In 1791, Arthur Bell was captain of the second company of the first battalion from Huntingdon Township. Thomas Long was on the muster list.

The rod or perch or pole is a surveyor's tool equal to 5 1⁄2 yards.

Barree Township, Pennsylvania was formed in 1767 and was originally part of of Cumberland County, then it became part of Bedford County until 1787 when it became part of Huntingdon County.

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania was established on September 20, 1787 as a large region of Central Pennsylvania. It was previously part of Bedford County and the earlier Cumberland Region.


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