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Emma Eldora Long Vie

Emma with Richard

The Homestead Act was signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on May 20, 1862. It gave an applicant 160 acres of undeveloped land outside of the original colonies. Anyone who had never taken up arms against the United States could file an application. They had to live on the land and make improvements to receive title.


Emma Eldora Long Vie was born on October 4, 1883 in Pilot Mound, Iowa. Her parents were Thomas Long and Louisa Taylor. She was a school teacher and taught school in both Emmons and Logan County.

She married Oscar Manuel Vie on August 18, 1909. Oscar was born in Minnesota on April 23, 1878. His father was Peder Olsen Enaasen Vie and his mother was Marta Marie Iversdotter. They were both born in Norway.

Grand Forks Herald 
Grand Forks, North Dakota
31 Aug 1909, Tue  •  Page 9

Their children were born in Braddock, Emmons County, North Dakota.
Arden Manuel Vie (January 17, 1912, married Lorraine Alsace Shamey),
Eldon L. Vie (1913, married Bernice Helen Holen),
Lieutenant Colonel Edgar Pershing Vie (1918),
Richard Vie (1921 died as a baby),
Evelyn Lucille Vie Conitz (1922, married Robert Arthur Conitz).

birth announcement

Emma sent many notes to her niece and namesake, Emma Bertrand Smith, which Emma saved in her postcard collection.

At the time of the 1910 census the family was living in Emmons County, North Dakota. The household consisted of O. M. who was 28 and Eldora who was also 28. Their children were Arden M. Vie (August 8 , 1913), Eldon L. Vie (about 1914), and Edgar P. Vie (about 1918).

The family appeared in the 1920 census in Braddock Township, Emmons County, North Dakota. Oscar was the manager of a general store. The family consisted of Oscar who was age 42, Emma E. age 36, Arden M. age seven, Eldon L. age six, and Edgar P. age one year and seven months. Richard Vie was born and died in 1921.

At the time of her sister, Lura's, death in 1955, they were living in Burlington, North Dakota.

In 1963 Oscar Vie was in Monterey Park, Los Angeles County. Emma died on September 21, 1963 in Los Angeles, California. She is buried in Rose Hills Memorial Park (Cypress Lawn, Section 7, Lot 4231, Grave 2) in Whittier, California.

Oscar died in March, 1973 at the age of 94 in Hill County, Montana.

Mrs. Vie
Mrs. Vie
photo courtesy of
Janice Hanson Eyman

Children of Thomas Long
and Louisa Taylor
  • Viola Belle Long Bertrand O'Dea
  • Franklin Monroe Long
  • Lura Alzada Long Shafer
  • Emma Eldora Long Vie
  • Clara May Long Lane Posekany
  • Emma Long Vie
    Richard Vie's Tombstone
    Emmons County, North Dakota is in the center of the southern border of North Dakota. Braddock was established in 1898. Extreme seasonal variations in temperature made life difficult for settlers.

    In the 1830s settlers began arriving in Iowa from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia. Iowa became a state in 1846.

    Emma's Tombstone



    Peter O. Vie died the 6th of October, 1927 at his daughter's, Mrs. Ed Rodlin, Nome, N. D. He was born the 25th of July, 1839, in North Osen, Osterdalen, Norway and thus was over 88 years at the time of death. In 1863 he married Marta Marie Iverson from Strange, Hedemarken. They lived at the Enaasen farm in North Osen till 1867 when they came to American and settled in Lanesboro, Minnesota.

    In 1881 they came to North Dakota and homesteaded 8 miles north of Lisbon, where they lived until a few years back. Mrs. Vie died the 20th of May, 1897. In later years he lived with his only daughter, Mrs. Ed Rodlin in Nome, N. Dak. He was a man who had experienced pioneer life hardships. In his last 3 years he was blind and while he laid in his last he prayed constantly that God would take him home.

    Funeral was the 8th of October from Fillmoe Church. He was carried to his grave by 6 grandsons and laid to rest beside his wife five miles from their old home. In addition to a sister in Norway, he leaves 7 children: Ole Vie, Lisbon N. D., Mrs. E. Rodlin, Nome N. D., John Vie, Hansboro, N. D., Sigvard Vie, Minneapolis, Minn., Oscar Vie, Braddock, N. D., Paul Vie, Reygate, Mont., and Arthur Vie, Lisbon, N. D. and 23 great grandchildren.
    riding saw
    February, 1881

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    Colonial Virginia & West Virginia
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