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David Alvin Long

Hamilton County, Nebraska was formed in 1870.

David Alvin Long was born February 3, 1877 in Aurora, Hamilton County, Nebraska. His father was probably John H. Long. According to the 1900 census, his father was born in Pennsylvania and his mother in Ohio.

He married Cora Rosalia Benson. Cora was born October 12, 1881 in Hamilton, Nebraska. Her parents were Alonzo Jonathan Benson and Lydia Ellsworth.

David and Cora's children were:
Earl A. Long (1901),
Lyle Everett Long (1904, married Mable Lola Davis), and
Violet L. Long Cady (1906, married John Franklin Cady).

At the time of the 1910 census, the family was living in Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska. David was doing odd jobs.

When his brother Harry's biography was written, he was a farmer near St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri.

In 1920 Cora was married to Howard Bush and they had a ten month old baby girl named Silian M. Bush. Earl G., Lyle E. and Violet S. Long were living with Cora and their stepfather.

Cora died on January 9, 1930 in Grand Island, Nebraska and was laid to rest in Grand Island Cemetery.
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February, 1881

Nebraska was not settled by many European-Americans until 1848. In the 1860s, the government took Native American land and opened it for homesteaders. Nebraska became the 37th state on March 1, 1867,


Children of John H. Long
and Mary LeFevre:
  • Thomas Long
  • Elizabeth J. Long
  • Rebecca M. Long Richards
  • John H. Long
  • Margaret Long

  • Children of John and Sarah:
  • Jerome Chancey Long
  • Wesley Long
  • Jacob Long

    Children of John
  • and Sarah Freestone:
  • Mary Ann Brinson Marshall Spafford
  • George Long
  • Harry Hurburt Long
  • Rosa May Long Myers
  • Horace Mickel Long
  • David Alvin Long
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