An American Family History

Esther LeFever Harman

LeFevre is also spelled Ferber, LaFevre, LaFever, Lefebre, LeFever,and LeFevere. It is from the original Northern French surname Lefebvre or Lefèvre. It means smith.

Esther LeFevre Harman was born on May 3, 1717. Her parents were Isaac LeFevre and Catherine Ferree.

She married Daniel Harman (Harmon, Herman). Daniel was born in 1719. He was the son of Daniel Harman and Mary Catherine Elizabeth Obermuller.

Daniel and Esther's children probably included:
John Harman (1743) and
Daniel Harman (1748).

Daniel appeared on the 1725 tax list for Pequea Township.

Esther died in 1750.

After Esther died, Daniel married Elizabeth Carpenter.

Daniel died in October, 1757.

Jacob Carpenter was appointed guardian to John Herman, an orphan and minor, son of Daniel Harman deceased

They are buried at the Harman Farm in East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with Daniel's parents.

Children of Isaac LeFevre and
Catherine Ferree

  • Abraham LeFevre
  • Philip LeFevre
  • Daniel LeFevre
  • Mary LeFevre Deshler
  • Esther LeFevre Harman
  • Samuel LeFevre