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Catherine LeFevre Keeports

LeFevre is also spelled Ferber, LaFevre, LaFever, Lefebre, LeFever,and LeFevere. It is from the original Northern French surname Lefebvre or Lefèvre. It means smith.

Pennsylvania is one of the 13 original states and was originally founded in 1681 as a result of a royal land grant to William Penn, the son of the state's namesake.

Catherine LeFevre Keeports was born on October 21, 1758 in Strasburg, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Her parents were John LeFevre and Anna Margaret Henning.

She married Daniel Keeports on December 17, 1782. Daniel was born on August 25, 1749 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

In 1779 a Daniel Keportz was in Lampeter, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Daniel and Catherine's children included:

Elizabeth Keeports (1784, married John Lefevre) and
John Keeports (1786, married Elizabeth Lefevre).

Catherine probably died about 1790. She could have died when John was born or perhaps with a subsequent child.

In 1790 Daniel Keeports was still in Lampeter. The household had 10 members. There were 3 females and 7 males, 3 of whom were under 16.

[Indenture] February 27, 1792 Samuel Hathorn and Cornelius Collins of Strasburg Township for Samual Wilson, Deceased, to Daniel Keeports of Lampeter Township for land in Drumore Township.

After Catherine died, Daniel married Veronica (Feronica) Miller.

Catherine Keeports (1797, married Samuel Howry),
Barbara Keeports (1799, married John Barr),
Christian Keeports (1801)

In 1810, Daniel Keeportz was in Lampeter, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The household still had 10 members.

Daniel died on September 30, 1843.

In his will Daniel mentioned 3 daughters and 2 sons who were deceased. His will was contested in Grabill v. Barr because he himself did not sign it. In the will he stipulates that Catherine's share go only to her and not her husband.

Veronica died about 1849.

Veronica and Daniel are buried in the Tschantz Graveyard.

The Star and Banner 
(Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
14 May 1847, Fri  • Page 2

Children of John LeFevre
and Anna Margaret Henning

  • Mary LeFevre Shultz
  • Elizabeth LeFevre Leaman
  • Catherine LeFevre Keeports
  • Abraham LeFevre
  • John LeFevre
  • Jacob LeFevre
  • George LeFevre
  • Europeans began to settle in the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area about 1710. It was part of Chester County until May 10, 1729.

    John Adams, Jr. (1735-1826) was the second President of the United States (1797–1801), the first Vice President (1789–1797).



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