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Mary Land Story

Bound children were indentured servants whose master provided training in a craft, board, lodging, and clothes for seven years or until the child came of age.

Mary Land's parents were Philip and Priscilla Land. She was born about 1670 in Maryland.

She married Colonel Walter Story (Storey) about 1688. Walter was born about 1666 and was the son of Walter and Elizabeth Story.

Mary and Walter's daughter was Elizabeth Story Warren Hanson (1689, married Benjamin Warren and Colonel Samuel Hanson).

In 1701 when Penelope Theobald Land died, she directed that her son, John, and daughter, Eliza, live with her son-in-law, Walter Story. Also, John Scroggin, son of George Scroggin, who had been bound to Penelope was bound to Walter Story after she died.

Mary Land died before 1703 when Walter married Mary Morris, the daughter of Richard Morris and Penelope Theobald.

In 1711 Walter and his daughter, received, a bequest of some personal property from Ann Lynes' estate and he was the executor of the will. At that time he was called Major.

In 1718 Walter Story received a letter from his friend Thomas Pallin that announced the safe arrival of his tobacco in England.

Mary died on June 5, 1719 in Prince William County, Virginia.

Walter's third wife was named Ann.

Walter died on April 27, 1727. His wife, Ann, and Robert Yates were executors of his estate. Sarah Douglas and Elizabeth Story were his next of kin.
An indenture is a legal contract for labor or land. Two copies on the same sheet were separated with a jagged edge so that the two parts could be refitted to confirm authenticity. An indentured servant worked without wages for a specified time to pay a debt and was bound to the employer. In the 17th century, nearly two-thirds of settlers came as indentured servants to pay for their passage.

Tobacco is a native American herb that is cultivated for its leaves which are prepared for smoking, chewing or snuff. In parts of colonial America, it was used as money. Tobacco plantations in the colonial south fueled the need for enslaving people.



In 1688, during the Glorious Revolution, the Protestant king and queen,William and Mary, took the English throne from Catholic King James II. The bloodless revolution profoundly impacted the American colonies.

Benjamin Warren's Will,
dated 03 February and proved on 11 February 1705/6, made
the following bequests:
To son Humphrey, ½ personal estate
To wife Elizabeth [Story Warren Hanson], residue of personal estate
In event of death of son afsd during minority, and of wife during widowhood, 2/3 of estate to pass to father [in-law], Walter Story and ⅓ to brother John Warren
Exs.: Wife Elizabeth and father Walter Story afsd
Test: Richard Morris, Jno. Haly and Matthew Murfie.

Testis (Test) is latin for witness. Testes is the plural.
In contracts and pleadings usually people and things mentioned before are designated by the term said (sd ) for clarity. Aforesaid (afd, afsd, aforesd ) means it was already mentioned.

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