An American Family History

Sarah Jennings

During the 17th and 18th centuries an adult unmarried woman was considered to have the legal status of feme sole, while a married woman had the status of feme covert. A feme sole could own property and sign contracts. A feme covert was not recognized as having legal rights and obligations distinct from those of her husband and could not own any property. When a woman became a widow she became a feme sole again.

Sarah Jennings was born on  September 3, 1699 in Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Stephen Jennings and Hannah Stanhope.

She was admitted to the church on March 3, 1722. 

She died on July 24, 1748.

Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts was first known as Danforth’s Farms. In 1701 the  Framingham Church was organized with the Rev. John Swift as the town's first minister. In 1706 the town hired its first schoolmaster and in 1716 the first schoolhouse was built.
Spellings of Jennings: Gennings, Jennens, Jennings, Jenyns
Children of Stephen Jennings
and Hannah Stanhope
  • Eunice Jennings Fiske Johnson
  • Stephen Jennings
  • Hannah Jennings Walker
  • Martha Jennings Dedman
  • Sarah Jennings