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1765 Land Indenture

Loudoun County is part of Northern Neck of Virginia. Settling of the Loudoun area began between 1725 and 1730. Settlers came from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland.

Indenture made 8 February 1765 between John Berryman and Martha Berryman his wife of Stafford County and Absalom Fox of the County of Loudoun for the sum of five shillings sterling to them in hand paid by the said Absalom Fox

.... hath bargained and sold unto the said Absalom Fox all that Tenement Tract or parcel of Land lying and being in Loudoun containing five hundred acres on Broad Run of the Potomac and bearing date of 5 March 1728 as by said deed out of the Proprietor's office may more at large appear and Granted to Anthony Russell .....five hundred acres first sold by Anthony Russell to Benjamin Berryman 9 November 1744 ...Conveyed to John Berryman by the will of Benjamin.... tract bargained and sold to Absalom Fox from date above for and during and until Term of one whole year thence next ensuing and fully to be completed and ended yielding and paying the rent of one Ear of Indian Corn at the Birth of Our Lord and Savior next ensuing if the same shall be lawfully demanded.

Witnesses: Simon Triplett, R. Eskridge, Martha Lane, James Lane, John Lane, William Carr Lane
8 February 1765.
An indenture is a legal contract for labor or land. Two copies on the same sheet were separated with a jagged edge so that the two parts could be refitted to confirm authenticity. An indentured servant worked without wages for a specified time to pay a debt and was bound to the employer. In the 17th century, nearly two-thirds of settlers came as indentured servants to pay for their passage.

Indian Corn (or flint corn) is the type of maize that Native Americans taught colonists to cultivate. The kernels come in a range of colors and are less prone to spoiling.


February 8, 1765, Book D, Page 526 Release
John Berryman and wife in consideration of 250 pounds current money of Virginia to them in hand paid .... by said Absalom Fox hath granted and sold the said Absalom Fox being in actual possession of the premises by virtue of the lease made for the same bearing the date two days before the Date of these presents ... containing 500 acres ...
Witnesses: Simon Triplett, R. Eskridge, Martha Lane, James Lane, John Lane, William Carr Lane



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