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Anchor Fox Sutton

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American pioneers migrated west to settle areas not previously inhabited by European Americans.

Anchor Fox Sutton was born on August 24, 1772 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Her parents were Absalom Fox and Christian Bonham.

She married David Sutton on February 17, 1788 in Washington County. David Sutton was born on March 15, 1766 in Fort Cumberland, Maryland. He was the son of Reverend Abraham Sutton and Mary Chenowith.

Anchor and David were members of the Baptist church.

The family (David Sutton, Jr.) appeared in the 1790 census of Washington County, Pennsylvania. The family consisted of three males and one female.

Anchor and David's children included:
Mary Sutton (1790, married John Petro),
Iva Sutton (1792, married Michael Petro),
Absalom Sutton (1794, married Jane Robb),
Rebecca Sutton (1796, married Garrison Dawson),
Gabriel Sutton (1799),
David Sutton (1802, married Elizabeth Shields),
Jonathan Sutton (1804, married Hannah Hubbell),
Nancy Ann Sutton (1806, married Samuel Vance),
Abraham Bonham Sutton(1809, married Sarah Conaway),
Eliza Sutton (1811), and
William J. Sutton (1814, married Mary Ann Love).

In 1816 they settled in Jennings Township, Fayette County, Indiana.

David Sutton died on April 15, 1845 in Fayette County, Indiana. After his death, Anchor lived with her son Abraham in Jennings Township in Fayette County. She (Ancher Sutton) appeared there at the time of the 1850 census. She gave her age as 78 and her birthplace as New Jersey.

Anchor died on August 11, 1855 in Springerville, Fayette County, Indiana.

Children of Absalom Fox
and Christian Bonham
  • Captain Charles Fox
  • Bonham Fox
  • Mary Fox Frazee
  • David Fox
  • Anchor Fox Sutton
  • Iva Fox Sargeant
  • Jonathan Fox
  • Rebecca Fox Dearth
  • Descendants of Absalom Fox and Christian Bonham are Mayflower Descendants.

  • Samuel Fuller
  • Hannah Fuller Bonham
  • Hezekiah Bonham
  • Amariah Bonham
  • Christian Bonham Fox



    The Potomac River flows into the Chesapeake Bay and is about 405 miles long.

    from History of Fayette County, Indiana

    David Sutton (deceased), Jennings Township, was born in Pennsylvania, and there married Anchor Fox, who bore him ten children: Mary, Iva, Absalom, Rebecca, Jabel, David, Nancy, Abram B., Eliza and William.

    In 1816 Mr. Sutton settled in the then woods of this township, entered the four quarter-sections of land now occupied by his son, Abram B., and there lived and died.

    He was very successful in life. He reared a large family, and at his death left them in comfortable circumstances. He departed this life August 15, 1845, aged seventy-nine years and five months; his widow died August 11,1855, aged eighty two years, eleven months and seventeen days. Both were members of the Baptist Church, with which they had been connected for many years.

    Abram B. Sutton, the only surviving member of his father's large family, was born March 5, 1809, in Warren County, Ohio. He was united in marriage, in 1831, with Sarah, daughter of James Conaway, who bore him nine children: William, Thompson, Lafayette, Jane, Samantha, Sarah, living; and James, Elizabeth and Adeline, deceased. Mrs. Sutton died in 1874.

    Our subject has lived on the place where his parents first settled for sixty-eight years. He has reared his large family and has lived to see most of them married. Mr. Sutton has made life a fair success, and now owns fifty-nine acres of good land. He cast his first Presidential vote for Andrew Jackson -"Old Hickory." Our subject's father was a cousin to Gen. Sutton, a distinguished military man and pioneer in the early settlement of Ohio.

    Michael and Ivah (Sutton) Petro, natives of Virginia and Pennsylvania respectively. The former was born on the south branch of the Potomac River, July 4, 1790. In early youth he moved to Ohio, settling in Warren County, where, July 4, 1811, his marriage with Miss Sutton occurred. In 1816 they removed to what is now Jennings Township, first living for a period within two miles of the present farm of their son John; thence removed to that farm. Mrs. Petro died on the latter farm, April 9, 1852, and Mr. Petro subsequently moved to Fountain County, Ind., and there died, November 20, 1869. Mr. Petro was a soldier in the war of 1812.

    In the War of 1812 (1812-1815) the United States declared war on England because of trade restrictions, impressment, and British support for Indian attacks. They signed the Treaty of Ghent on December 24, 1814 after reaching a stalemate.

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