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Daniel Ferree 1646

Variations of Ferree: Fara, Ferie, Ferree, Ferrez, Ferrie, Fiere, Firre, Fierre, Fuchre, Fuehre, LeFerre, and Verree.
The Huguenots were 16th and 17th century French protestants. About 500,000 Huguenots fled France because of religious persecution. They relocated to Protestant nations.

Daniel Ferree was born in the mid 17th century in France. He was a Huguenot.

He married Marie (Mary) Warrembere in 1675 in Picardy. Their children and life together are described in detail in the section on Daniel and Mary Ferree.

Daniel died in 1708 in Germany.

Children of Daniel Ferree and
Marie (Mary) Warrembere:
  • Daniel Ferree, Jr.
  • Marie Catherine (Mary) Ferree Lefevre
  • Jane Ferree Davis
  • Marie (Mary) Ferree Faulkner
  • Philip Ferree
  • John Ferree
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    Picardy (Picardi) is a region in the northern part of France.

    The Edict of Nantes (1598) granted the Huguenots substantial rights in Catholic France. The revocation in 1685 led to a Protestant exodus from France.




    From Olde Ulster: An Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Volume 7 by Benjamin Myer Brink,"First Riflemaker in America an Ulster Huguenot." Contributed by Chaplain Roswell Randall Hoes, U. S. N.

    Prominent among the Huguenots of France, prior to the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, 1685, were the LeFevre and Ferree families, who, upon the revocation fled from thence into the Palatinate of Bavaria; met almost upon the eve of their arrival by the Germersheim succession war; at Lindan eight members of the LeFevre family were massacred.

    Isaac, the only survivor, fled with the family of the Hon. Daniel Ferree to the village of Steenweiler in the vicinity of the Black Forest, close to the border of the Grand Duchy of Baden. In less than two years thereafter the Hon. Daniel Ferree died, leaving a widow and six children. . .