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Hannah Daggett Blanchard

Weymouth is the second oldest town in Massachusetts. It was established in 1622 and incorporated in 1635. The town was a fishing and agricultural community. 
ye is an archaic spelling of "the."

A Puritan woman's clothing consisted of underpants, stockings, linen, shift, petticoat, chemise (underblouse), bolster (a padded roll tied around the hips under the skirt), bodice, skirt, apron, coif (cap), outer gown and shoes. A woman might wear a ruff or bow and an apron. Cloaks were worn instead of coats. Women carried a small cloth draw-string bag or reticule and perhaps wore a chatelaine.

Hannah Daggett Blanchard was born in 1646 in Weymouth,, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Her parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Daggett.

When she was 27, she became Samuel Blanchard's second wife on June 24, 1673. Samuel was born on August 6, 1629 in Hampshire, England. His parents were Thomas Blanchard and Agnes Bent.

He was a prominent citizen of Charlestown and Malden, and of Andover, Massachusetts, whither he removed June 10, 1686. He was collector of taxes and constable of Andover, and owned large tracts of land.

Samuel's first wife was Mary Sweetster who was the daughter of Seth and Bethia Sweetster. They married on January 3, 1654.

Samuel and Mary's children included:
Samuel Blanchard (1656),
Sarah Blanchard (1657),
Mary Blanchard (1659),
Joshua Blanchard (1661, married Sarah Pratt),
Jonathan Blanchard (1664), and
Abigail Blanchard (1668).

Mary died February 20, 1669.

Samuel and Hannah's children included:
Thomas Blanchard (1674),
John Blanchard (1677, married Mary Crosby),
Samuel Blanchard (1680, married Sarah Johnson), and
Hannah Blanchard Osgood (1681, married Stephen Osgood).

Samuel and Hannah died in Andover. Thomas died on April 22, 1707. He is buried at at West Parish Garden Cemetery which was was laid out in 1791. He was moved there from private property.

Samuel's tombstone
1 7 0 7 IN YE


Samuel's elaborate tombstone has fascinating iconography. It is topped by a winged death's head which symbolized physical death and spiritual regeneration. The inscription is flanked by women with multiple breasts which symbolized nourishment of the soul.

Hannah died on July 10, 1725 when she was 79 years old. She was laid to rest at South Church Cemetery.

Hannah's Footstone

Children of Elizabeth Fry Daggett
and William Fry
Old Style Calendar
Before 1752 the year began on Lady Day, March 25th,. Dates between January 1st and March 24th were at the end of the year. Old Style (O.S.) and New Style (N.S.) are used to indicate whether the year has been adjusted. Often both dates are used.
Daggett is also spelled Dogged, Doged and Doggett.
death's head
Detail of Winged Death's Head from Samuel Blanchard's tombstone.
Malden, Massachusetts was first settled in 1640.  It was incorporated as a town in 1649 and as a city in 1881. Prior to 1649, it was part of  Charlestown called Mystic Side.
The Massachusetts Bay Company was a trading company chartered in 1629 to settle an English colony in New England. Puritan leaders saw it as a religious and political refuge. About  900 colonists arrived in 1630.



from Simon Crosby the Emigrant by Eleanor Francis (Davis) Crosby

Samuel Blanchard, as we have seen, was the last of the children of Thomas and his unknown first wife, and was born in England, 6 Aug. 1629. He lived for several years in Charlestown with his father, but finally settled in Andover, where he was identified with the civic life of that town.

He married first, 3 May 1654, Mary, daughter of Seth and Bethia Sweetser of Charlestown, by whom he had seven children. She died 20 Feb. 1669, and

he married second, 24 June 1673, Hannah Doggett, daughter of Thomas Doggett and his second wife. Elizabeth, daughter of Jonas and Frances Humphrey, and widow of William Fry. She was born in Weymouth in 1646, and died in Andover, 10 July 1725.

Samuel Blanchard died in Andover, 22 Apr. 1707. The Doggett Genealogy (page 345) says the four children of Samuel and Hannah (Doggett) Blanchard were born in Charlestown, and refers to an old document, in which it says, "I Samuel Blanchard came to Andover with my family upon the 10th of June 1686," etc.

A constable was an elected official who was responsible for keeping the peace. His duties were more limited than the sheriff's. He apprehended and punished offenders, helped settle estates, and collected taxes.

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine, Volume 1 by Henry Sweetser Burrage, Albert Roscoe Stubbs

Samuel, son of Thomas Blanchard, was born in Hampshire, England, August 6, 1629, and died in Charlestown, Massachusetts, April 22, 1707. He came to New England at the age of ten, with his parents in the ship Jonathan. He was a prominent citizen of Charlestown and Malden, and of Andover, Massachusetts, whither he removed June 10, 1686. He was collector of taxes and constable of Andover, and owned large tracts of land.

He married, January 3, 1654-55, Mary Sweetser, who died February 20, 1668, daughter of Seth Sweetser, of Charlestown.

He married (second) June 24, 1673, Hannah Doggett, who died July 10, 1725, daughter of Thomas Doggett, of Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Children of first wife:
1. Jonathan, born May 25, 1764; resided in Andover; married May 26, 1685, Anna, daughter of John Lovejoy, of Andover; sons Jonathan, David, Jacob and Benjamin.
2. Joseph, resided in Andover.

Children of second wife:
3. Thomas (q. v.), born April 28, 1674.
4. John
5. Hannah, married May 24, 1699, Stephen Osgood.


Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Middlesex County, Massachusetts by William Richard Cutter, published by Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1908

Samuel Blanchard was born in England in 1629, and was brought to New England when ten years old, settling in Charles Towne, Massachusetts Bay Colony, which originally included Malden, Woburn, Stoneham. Burlington and Somerville, with parts of Medford, Cambridge, Arlington and Reading, where he married and had four sons: Thomas, Joseph, Jonathan and John Blanchard. In 1672 he removed to Andover, where he died at the age of seventy-eight years, April, 1707.


The New England Historical and Genealogical Register by Henry Fritz-Gilbert Waters, New England Historic Genealogical Society published by The Society, 1906

The following items were copied by the late George Dana Boardman Blanchard of Maiden, Mass., a Life Member of this Society, from an old manuscript book, once the property of Abel Blanchard of Andover, Mass., now at the Bible Society, Astor Place, New York City. The book was evidently commenced by the first Samuel Blanchard, of Andover, Mass., and continued by members of the family.

Samuel Blanchard was maried to hes wif Mary in the year 1654 upon the 3 day of ienury.
My sonn Samuel was boren upon the 29 day of septembar 1656.
My daughtar Sarah was boren upon the 15 day of febrary 1657.
My daughtar Mary was boren upon the 18 day of aprel 1659.
My son Jonathan was boren upon the 25 day of may 1664.
My son Joshuah was boren upon the 6 day of agust 1661.
My daughtar Abigal was boren upon the 5 day of March 1668
My wife died upon the 20 febrary 1669.
I Samuel Blanchard was marred to my wif hanah upon the 24 day of juen in the yer 1673.
My son Thomas was boren upon the 28 day of Aprel 1674.
My son John was boren upon the 3 day of July 1677.
My son Samuel of my wif hanah was boren upon the 4 day of Jun 1680.
My daughtar hanah was boreii upon the 26 day of Septembar 1681.
Samuel Blanchard sennarwas boren in the year 1629 Agust the 6 day.
I Samuel Blanchard landed in New ingland on the 23 day of Jun in the year 1639.
I Samuel Blanchard cam to Andovar with my famaly upon the tenth day of iun in the yer 1686.
I bought my horce of John whelar upon the 18 day of march 1691.

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