An American Family History

Mahala Branstiter Swartz

Women played an essential role in American society as mothers and homemakers.

Mahala Branstiter Swartz was born about 1833 in German Township, Clark County, Ohio. She was the daughter of  Daniel Branstiter and Elizabeth Baker.

She (Meahala) was age 17 at the time of the 1850 census. She married Charles Swartz on March 5, 1852 in Shelby County, Ohio.
Children of Daniel Branstiter and
Elizabeth Baker
  • Henry Branstiter
  • Sarah Branstiter Taylor
  • Philip Branstiter
  • Emery Branstiter
  • Mahala Branstiter Swartz
  • James Branstiter
  • Jacob Branstitre
  • Mary E. Branstiter Miller
  • Synthia Branstiter
  • Luticha Branstiter Mallory
  • Eliza Branstiter Baker
  • Daniel Branstiter
  • Shelby County, Ohio is in western Ohio and was formed in 1819 from Miami County.