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Johann Simon Brandstetter


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Other spellings--Brandstatter, Brandstetter, Brandsteter, Brandstaetter, Bransletter, Branstatter, Bransteeter, Branstetter, Branstiter, Branstitter, Branstitre, Branstudder, Broadtsteddler, Bronstetter, Brunstetter, Brunsteter, Brunstautton

The Palatinate is a region in south-western Germany. Many thousands of Palatine immigrants were driven out of Germany by war, famine, despotic rule and disease. They were attracted to Pennsylvania by the first settlers who sent back favorable reports.

Johann Simon Brandstetter was born on October 14, 1706 in Aichau and baptized the next day. His parents were Andreas Sigismund Brandstetter and Appolonia Egle Dosenbau. His Godfather was Johann Michael Widner, a farmer's son, from Ober Schönbrun.

He married Christina Elizabeth Geiss in on August 10, 1745 in Höheinöd, Südwestpfalz, Rhineland-Palatinate. She was born in Großkarlbach, Bad Dürkheim, Rhineland-Palatinate.

He died on May 19, 1767 in Höheinöd, Südwestpfalz, Rhineland-Palatinate.
Children of Andreas Sigismund Brandstetter
and Appolonia Egle Dosenbau
  • Johann Michael Brandstetter
  • Johann Jacob Brandstetter
  • Johann Adam Brandstetter
  • Anna Barbara Brandstetter
  • Johann Andreas Brandstetter
  • Johann Simon Brandstetter
  • Johann Jacob Brandstetter
  • Johann Mathias Brandstetter
  • Johannes Brandstetter
  • Eva Barbara Brandstetter Myer
  • Maria Barbara Brandstetter
  • Choosing a Godparent sponsor was not just a formality in 17th century Germany. Each child had one Godparent of the same gender. It established ties between families that were near kinship. The Godparent was expected to provide spiritual support and material support in times of need.