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Temperance Bonham Ayers

It was common for bequests to include wearing apparel.

Temperance Bonham Ayers was born about 1710 at Maidenhead, Hunterdon County, (now Lawrence, Mercer County), New Jersey. She was the daughter of Hezekiah Bonham and his second wife.

According to Monnette, in 1728 or 1750 she married Zebulon Ayers. Zebulon was born on August 4, 1708 in Woodbridge Township, Middlsex County, New Jersey. His parents were Joseph Ayers and Phoebe Camp.

At least one researcher, John Ayers, wrote

Zebulon's wife, Temperance is obviously not the same Temperance Bonham that is cited in Monette's First Settlers. [Monette is known for its many inaccuracies.] She is not the daughter of Hezekiah Bonham.  She was not born in 1710, nor did her marriage to Zebulon take place in 1828.   

Children of Hezekiah Bonham:
  • Mary Bonham
  • Samuel Bonham
  • Hannah Bonham Stout
  • Sarah Bonham Runyan
  • Hezekiah Bonham
  • Nehemiah Bonham
  • Zachariah Bonham
  • Zedekiah Bonham
  • Amariah Bonham
  • Temperance Bonham Ayres
  • Amaziah Bonham
  • Malachiah Bonham
  • Jeremiah Bonham
  • Ephriam Bonham
  • Josiah Bonham
  • Zephaniah Bonham
  • Uriah Bonham
  • Obadiah Bonham
  • Hunterdon County was originally part of Burlington County, West Jersey. It was set off from Burlington County on March 11, 1714. It included Amwell, Hopewell, and Maidenhead Townships.

    New Jersey's first permanent European settlement was in 1660.




    from The History of the Treman, Tremaine, Truman family in America, Volume 2
    Zebulon Ayers
    . (Joseph, Obadiah, John) 321305. He was born Aug. 4, 1708, at Woodbridge, N. J. He married, in 1750, Temperance Bonham, a direct descendant of Nicholas Bonham the founder of the village of Bonhamtown, which was the point where he located the 120 acres that were allotted to him previous to 1690 at the time of the settlement of Piscataway township. There is no record of his death.



    from First Settlers of ye Plantations Piscataway and Woodbridge by Orra Eugene Monnette
    Temperance Bonham, daughter of Hezekiah Bonham Senior, was born at Maidenhead, in 1710, and married 1728, Zebulon Ayres, born 8-4-1708, son of James and Phebe Ayers, James Ayers lived in Woodbridge.

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